For years now we thought we understood coffee – when do drink it and how often to drink it. It’s drug after all, and we should be fully aware of how and when to use it properly.

If you are a late-riser or prefer to take your coffee when you get into work, rather than before, then you are a genius! If you drink it before 9 am, which most people do, then you have some retraining to do…

If you want to get the best effects from your cup of coffee, you have to understand how caffeine works and why it is best to drink your coffee after 9 am. AsapSCIENCE have put together a great video about consuming coffee, and based on research they reveal why you shouldn’t have your coffee until 9 am… Here’s the list:

The Natural Regulator ~ Your body clock

Your circadian rhythm, or your internal clock, is probably the most important factor in gauging coffee and its effects. This clock decides when we are awake and when we are sleepy by releasing a hormone called cortisol throughout the day and night.

This regulates how awake we are, it usually releases the hormone between 8 am and 9 am, noon and 1 pm and 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm.

What happens if you consume coffee when your body is already awake?

These studies have found that consuming coffee during peak hours of cortisol release will reduce the drug’s effect and build up a tolerance to it. This means if you are drinking coffee during these peak hours, you may find yourself reaching for a second or third cup before lunchtime to feel the effect, which is very bad for you.

When should you drink coffee?

Well, the best times to drink coffee would be anytime after 9 am to noon, and between 1 pm and 5.30pm. It is not recommended to drink coffee after 6.30pm s you may find it difficult to sleep later that night.

What if you wake up early or sleep in?

There is some research to suggest our cortisol peaks react to sunlight, however, most research indicates that when you wake up your cortisol levels rise by 50%, and so drinking coffee an hour after you wake up is probably your best bet.

The ideal coffee day:

If you wake up at 7 am and leave for work at 8 am, the best time to drink your coffee is at 9 am. As your cortisol levels will be peaking for the first four hours of your morning, 50% when you wake up, and at your usual peak time between 8 am and 9 am.

After lunch, you may feel like you need a pick-me-up, and the best time would be to grab an after-lunch coffee after 1 pm, to optimise your use of this underestimated drug!

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