“Vegans Are Too Weak & Are Too Low Energy To Train With Me.”

The man who said these words is Ido Portal, an amazingly talented individual who has mastered the art of movement.

But why would he say such a thing? This is what I want to address today. The reason why I say “end the debate” is because it’s become more about identities and emotion than anything scientific or knowledge-based.

Stop The Fight Between Diet Types

As you can see in the video below, Ido said these words during a Skype call with a guy who follows the 80/10/10 diet. Clearly, he’s not seen, Frank Medrano.

The reason why we fight about it is that we identify with it and then become emotional about it. Someone says something and we lump ourselves into that crowd and immediately take it as a personal attack.

No matter which side you are on, does it make sense to judge someone else because of the food they are eating? Do you actually know the journey of the other person and why they eat the way that they do? Is it possible that maybe they could one day adjust their diet to be just like yours? And would that make them any better of a person?

The reality is, the ignorance on both sides of the “diet wars” is astonishing. You have people like Ido saying vegans can’t be strong and aren’t fit enough to train with him and you have vegans or vegetarians who might say meat-eaters are animal haters who are going to die young because of their choices.

Either way, neither perception or opinion serves a purpose and both can be very incorrect.

It’s OK To Talk About It But Switch The Perspective

I myself don’t eat meat or dairy products. My diet is pretty much-considered vegan but it’s not 100% strict. But do I call myself vegan? No. Why? Because I choose to eat what I feel will keep me healthy and that’s simply how I look at it. I also choose to not consume animal products because I don’t wish to support it.

But I wouldn’t judge anyone who does. I also don’t call myself anything because the “diet war” has created such a negative stigma on various diet types because of ignorance and a lack of care in understanding each other, that calling yourself something can create some really awkward social moments, and that’s a sad thing.

No matter what diet type you follow, find out information for yourself before generating opinions and judging others. I’ve heard so many stories of “this person tried this diet and got sick” that I could write an encyclopedia.

The challenge is that the vast majority of the time the people who trying different diets are not doing it “right” to begin with. Too much food, too little, not balanced, too much processed foods, etc.

The truth is until we educate ourselves on the full implications, health, environment and social, of our diet we are simply talking from an uneducated space that often turns emotional. As with any solution, even if we find out what is a better route for us all as a whole, does it make sense to cast out others who don’t follow the new understandings?

Let’s remember that at the core, we’re all the same. All human beings and we are all here for the same purpose. Whether it’s something like diet or even a political view, let go of the differences and just accept each other. Talk about things, learn from one another, be open, move things forward, but let’s stop fighting about who is right and wrong. It’s not helping much of anything.

Author Bio:Joe Martino I created CE 5 years ago and have been heavily at it since. I love inspiring others to find joy and make changes in their lives. Hands down the only other thing I am this passionate about is baseball.


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