Do you feel that you do not fit there anymore but still hesitate to quit your job and give your two weeks notice?

If you have been experiencing difficulties at work, you have come to the right place because we will show you the signs that show that you need to quit your job as soon as you can.

There are many reasons why people quit their jobs. Some might be disappointed with the salary while others see more opportunities in other companies. In some cases, people get upset over the things that need to be worked on but they quit, which could be a sign of unwillingness to work harder and learn more. In most cases, however, people quit their jobs for a good reason: finding a better opportunity or more money.

Below you will find the signs that you need to detect in order to make the right decision about quitting:

1. Your ideas are ignored

Ideas are important in the workplace and employers should encourage the employees to express them to make the workplace more creative. When a person gives a good idea and gets the credit for it, he or she feels more competent and the contribution from this person generally increases.

However, if your ideas get disregarded or ignored, this is a definite sign that you need to quit your job as soon as you can. If you stay, your motivation will diminish and you will experience frustration.

2. You are never thanked

A simple thank you is a sign of appreciation and leaders are told to use it to increase motivation and contribution. If your boss never gives you praise, even in case if you gave them some good ideas, it can mean only one thing: your contribution is not recognized and you are not valued.

Do you want to work in a company that does this to you? Of course not, go to your boss’s office and let them know about your decision right away.

3. You do not feel like a part of something special

This sign is pretty complicated in terms of making the decision to quit your job because many people decide to work at dead-end jobs. Even though they do it, they feel the need to be a part of something interesting because all they face in the office is routine, routine, and even some more routine.

If you feel like you have no purpose in your job, this should be a clear sign that you need to quit. Life is too short to spend on dead-end jobs that lead you nowhere.

4. Public criticism

Have you ever been in the situation where your supervisor criticized you and your work in front of others? By criticism, we do not mean constructive feedback because everyone should be getting only objective and constructive criticism in the workplace.

If you have, it can be a sign that your supervisor does not care about you that much because these things should not be told, at least in public. According to Rand, one of the most successful non-profit companies in the world, criticism of employers in public is a sign that decreases productivity and should be avoided.

Consider quitting if your own managers think otherwise. On the other hand, if your supervisor prefers to tell you the feedback (again, only constructive) in private, he or she respects you enough because you are not embarrassed in front of everyone.

5. Excitement to go to work

Your job should have some fun moments that excite you to get up in the morning and commute to the office. This is not to say that your work should not have its downsides (every work has some). Every employee and employer had both good and bad days at work.

However, if your work has not had you excited in the morning about going to the office, you should quit it. You do not want to spend your life doing things you do not enjoy, right?On the other hand, even an occasional feeling of excitement about your job can be a sign that you do not need to quit, at least at that moment.

6. Your boss takes credit for your ideas

Some managers often take credit for work done by their employees without even acknowledging the contribution made by them. This is another definite sign that you need to quit your job because you will never advance on your position and the success that should be yours will not be such.

A good boss knows that he or she succeeds only because of the effort of everyone on their team, so appropriate recognition of the contribution should be provided.

Have you encountered some of these signs at work? If so, make sure that you are doing the right thing by staying or quitting your job and remember: life is too short to spend on a miserable existence. Find out your worth on your job and make a difference in your life!

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