Nothing is more exciting than travel. To make it exciting, memorable, and safe you want to find the safest countries to travel to. This involves doing homework to determine where you can go to feel the safest but also won’t break the bank.

A great appeal when traveling is finding the safest countries to travel to but where your money will go a lot further. This combination of saving money and staying safe will be at the top of most people’s list.

Let’s look at the 8 safest countries to travel to where you won’t spend a dime (or very few dimes anyway).

What Are Some of the Safest Countries to Travel to?

There are great and safe countries you can travel to such as Canada, and Austria that I definitely recommend but might not be the cheapest. They are modern and safe but they will cost you. They have smaller populations so you will find fewer accommodations than in higher populated areas and this drives up prices.

These are also countries with higher minimum wages than other ones so the cost of living is higher and you’ll see that reflected in things like movies, transportation, and food and restaurants.

So these are great places to see but may require you to save up for a longer period.

Let’s look at some of the safest countries to travel to where your money will go further (in no particular order).

1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - safest countries to travel to

Puerto Rico has seen some big problems since Hurricane Maria but can still be returned to for a great, and safe place to travel. They are needing the tourist dollars back so you will find a lot of great value more than ever before there.

San Juan is also one of the best deals for accommodations for a capital city. You can find great hotels in the city for under $200 dollars which will not be the case in the capital city of most countries.

2. Mexico

Mexico - Safest Countries To Travel To

When you think about the safest countries to travel to, Mexico may not come to your mind. However, the truth is that it all depends on the city/location you are going to. In general, this country is super affordable. Flights to Mexico are always a good value and it’s rare to spend more than $500 on flights. There are great and safe cities in Mexico where you won’t have to spend a lot of money either including:

  • Guadalajara: Here you have the second biggest city in the country that has a ton of culture and great food that’s inexpensive, not to mention the tequila…You will also find decent hotels for less than $100. You won’t even find a dingy motel for that price in more expensive countries.
  • Tulum: This is one of the best places in Mexico to see the Mayan ruins. It also has spectacular blue waters and white sand beaches. Spending the day on the beach will never cost you a dime and is one of the main reasons you probably want to travel. It’s close to Cancun and you can easily take a bus there which is a great and cheap way to travel. You’ll also find accommodations there for under $100.
  • Puerto Vallarta: You can get boutique hotels for only $200 or less, which is an amazing deal. Try to get that in New York City or Paris. This is also a great part of Mexico for water sports and whale watching. It’s a great safe and cultural area you can fly to without having to spend much more than $500 for flights.

3. Guatemala

Guatemala-Safest Countries To Travel To

This might be one of the safest countries to travel and that you won’t even spend a dime in. Guatemala is an amazing place where you not only get a lot of natural beauty but culture and history. You will find a lot of Mayan ruins and you will get a lot of great weather so it can be a top choice at various times of the year.

It’s also cheap, as even the most upmarket hotels will cost less than $100 a night and great meals are to be found everywhere for a dollar or less.

4. Colombia

Colombia - Safest Countries To Travel To

In Colombia, you get amazing weather, culture, scenery, and food. And it won’t cost you a lot either. You will find some amazing street food that will not set you back much money at all. It’s a popular destination and superb hotel rooms won’t cost you more than $70 a night.

5. Zambia

Zambia -Safest Countries To Travel To

Zambia has been considered the safest country by the Global Peace Index. It’s home to stunning scenery including the Victoria Falls, one of the great waterfalls of the world. Zambia is a great place to see wildlife with plenty of lions and zebras.

Besides being the safest country to travel to, it’s cheap and accommodation can be as low as $35 a night.

6. Chile


A stunning part of South America Chile provides some of the best scenery on earth and an amazing culture. It’s considered one of the safest countries to travel to and considered the safest country in Latin America.

In Chile, you find beaches, lakes, and even volcanoes. It will not cost you an arm and a leg either as good meals will only be around $3-4.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Safest Countries To Travel To

After Chile, Costa Rica is the second safest country in Latin America. It’s becoming a popular tourist destination as it’s not only one of the safest places to travel but it has some of the most stunning scenery on earth.

If you’re happy to be thrifty, you only need to spend around $30 USD a day which includes accommodation, food, and travel. But if you want to go all out a luxury resort can still only cost around $100 a night.

8. Portugal


Portugal is considered the third safest country by the Global Peace Index and can be a great way to keep costs down at the same time. There are amazing beaches at Algarve and enjoying the sun, sand, and warm weather won’t cost a thing.

Portugal is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. If you wanted to have a luxurious holiday, you wouldn’t have to spend more than $100-150 a day and that would include accommodations, food, travel, and attractions.

You can still do all these things but more mid-range for as low as $40-50 a day making it one of the cheapest, and safest, travel destinations.



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