Google is famous not only for being a multimillion company, creating one of the biggest (if not the biggest) search engines that currently exist on the web. It is also revered and coveted by many other companies for its smart tactics regarding its employees.

Tactics that have resulted in Google employees giving it the highest rating year after year.

Lots of myth surrounds the work environment at Google. Clear spaces, slides connecting floors, insane benefits (like the well-known death benefits), and so on. But one must n let the razzle-dazzle of rumor blind them. The core of Google’s tactics lies in simplicity, common sense, human and social psychology.

Below are some reasons that have made Google one of the most loved company by its own employees:

1. Promotion of healthy habits

Google’s snack stations are designed in a way that helps people choose and maintain, knowingly or not, a healthier lifestyle, with nutritious snacking and meal options being promoted over the less nutritious ones. It’s n wonder, considering that a healthy diet leads to a better mood, more productivity, and sharper minds.

Worker’s at Google are also encouraged to lead less sedentary work lives, with the promotion of standing desks and more movement throughout the day. Needless to say, healthier workers also minimize healthcare costs for the company, creating a win-win situation.

2. The Benefits

The most characteristic example of Google treating its employees fairly in matters of benefits is the maternity and paternity leaves. Maternity leave for female Google employees was ramped up to 22 weeks instead of the standard 12, and paternity leave was also instituted, for 12 weeks. That is not an exaggeration since Google seeks to build a stable working environment and bonds of trust.

Stats showed that with 12-week maternity leave, female workers were more likely to quit. Now, they may be absent for a longer time, but there is less chance of leaving the company. And Paternity leave is common sense since it promotes two-way equality in the workplace and helps maintain a progressive and socially sensitive company profile.

3. Constant standards upkeeping

Anyone knows that bringing things to a high-quality level is one thing, but maintaining them is quite another ordeal. And Google chooses not to rest on its laurels. The way the fields of psychology and sociology have evolved, it is no wonder that the HR departments can be compared to science labs. Company surveys, social experiments and psychological tactics to navigate and elevate morale and mentalities within the worker’s population is the core of all the reasons Google is well loved by its employees.

While some might be skeptical over the morality of tactics that alter human behavior, it is important to remember that certain standards need to be kept within a workplace and that such widespread tactics hardly mistreat anyone. Instead, they help eradicate toxic mentalities and promote things such as diversity, equality, and tolerance in the workplace.

Consequently, not every company has Google’s resources, so it’s impossible to have slides and fun things laying around all the time. However, there are certain simple principles that with some smart implementation could benefit everyone greatly.

It doesn’t have to be grand, it has to be smart. And the desired outcome is a chain reaction that leads to a happy, profitable, and productive workplace.



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