It’s such a great time to reconnect with your family while contributing significantly to their well-being. We all aim to have a great future that is fun and filled with happiness without illnesses.

One of the best ways to ensure that we pass the same to our children is by engaging them when performing exercises. Our behaviors can significantly help in modeling our children.

This is mainly because their characteristics are shaped by our actions and deeds. For your children to consume a healthy diet, you need to have the same servings along with them.

When it comes to exercise as a family, it is one of the amazing ways to stick with a fitness routine while improving the health of every member of your family in a fun-filled way.

Here are the top six exercises to do with your family:

1. Family Boot Camp

Every member of your family should list his/her favorite body-weight exercises. All forms of exercises can be included, including dancing, martial arts, running, jogging, etc. Generally, it should be a physical activity that can be performed by any family member.

All the family members should then perform each of the listed exercises for a minute, followed by a different one for 30 seconds. All the exercises should provide a 20-minute workout. There is no harm in extending the workout duration as long as everyone is participating.

2. Indoor Hide and Seek

In this weight loss exercise, every grown up in your family should write about 20 physical activities in small separate pieces of paper. These papers should then be placed in Easter eggs plastics and secretly put in the house. Request your kids to find the Easter eggs.

Upon finding them, every member of the family should perform the listed exercise for the indicated repetitions and given duration. To make it even more interesting, give a time limit in finding all the eggs and performing the listed workouts.

3. Socks Fight

In this exercise, every member of your family should garner as many of their balled-up socks as possible. Pick an area in your home and label it as the “battlefield”. You can choose your living room, backyard, front yard, garage or any other spacious area. On signaling them to start, every person should aim at hitting another family member with the balled socks.

Ensure that no one throws the socks from the same position. Each session of this exercise should last up to 2 minutes before every person gathers his or her balled-up socks for a minute. The entire exercise that lasts for about 15 minutes is a pretty intense workout to keep everyone moving around.

It is very important to ensure that you uphold safety rules to avoid exercise injuries. Or don’t you think your thrilled 5-year old boy won’t hurl a stone at you?

4. Party Dance

You can occasionally plan for party dances to get your hearts pumping as a family. This is even more enjoyable with fast-paced music tunes. Let your children dance to their best tunes. A vigorous dance for 30 minutes can help you to burn more than 300 calories.

5. Track Exercises

If you can get access to a track, let your family members have fun with sporting activities they enjoy the most. Play soccer, run, walk or jump in intervals to ramp up the intensity.

6. Fun-filled Outdoor Activities

There are plenty of fun-filled outdoor activities you can perform with your children. You can try jumping rope, stair climbing or running around your house. You will be surprised to realize that even the youngest family member will perform better than you!

Other outdoor physical activities you can engage your family in are:

  • Push-ups: Make every family member perform push-ups with the palms on the ground. Bend downward until your face is an inch above the ground and lift your body up. Compete with your kids for 2 sets of 10 reps in each.
  • Walking lunges: Stand with your feet slightly apart and make a step forward with your right leg. Lower your hips to the ground by bending your both knees. While the left knee faces the ground, your right knee should be directly over your ankle. Using your left feet, push up to return to the starting point and repeat with the other foot. This activity ensures you to stay away from knee pains.
  • Bench step-ups: Perform 20 step-ups using one foot and repeat the same with the other one.
  • Monkey bar pull-ups: Not every family member is capable of performing a complete pull-up. But you can hold on a pulling position with your chin slightly above the bar for a count of 10 per set.


A family that exercises together stays longer and together! Cultivate a culture of wellness in your home to help your children grow to become happy, healthier, and disease-free adults! It’s such a great time to reconnect with your family while contributing significantly to their well-being.

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