Are you looking for ways to increase your productivity?

Staying productive is hard, especially when you have to do it day in and day out for long hours. It’s easy for the mind to get distracted, or even just to reach a point where you burn out of creativity or inspiration. But there are some ways to increase your productivity – and the best thing about these tips is that they are backed up by science.

This means that they will always work, and you can rely on them when you need that extra push!

1. Enjoy natural light

If your office or working area is dark and windowless, you might want to think about relocating. A recent study found that employees who get natural light from windows experience a whole range of benefits.

They get an average of 46 minutes more sleep every night and sleep better, and have a higher quality of life. They also have less daytime dysfunction, allowing them to work better in general.

If you can’t move, try getting a therapy lamp, or a light box. This will help to simulate natural light to trick your body.

2. Paint the walls

A white office is a great, neutral environment, right? Wrong. Actually, the University of Texas found that white walls make for poor productivity and lower quality of work. You are also more likely to make mistakes in a room with white walls.

So what is the best choice for productivity? Blues and blue-greens can be calming, helping you to focus and get more work done.

When working on assignments which require a detailed approach, red is the best color, and green is great for inspiring creativity. Avoid yellow and gray as these can cause you to feel frustrated or lose energy.

3. Take a coffee nap

A coffee nap sounds counter-intuitive. You drink a cup of coffee, then take a nap for around 15 to 20 minutes. But isn’t the coffee supposed to keep you awake?

Well, actually, yes, but it can’t do the job completely. Adenosine is the hormone that makes you feel tired, and coffee blocks some but not all of it. Taking a nap clears away the rest. When you wake up, the caffeine is just kicking in and you will be better placed to attack your to-do list.

The University of Hiroshima found that this helps to increase performance for about an hour after you wake up.

Utilize the time wisely to get the most out of the effect! You will also be less sleepy afterward, which means you can work for a bit longer than if you had just taken a nap or drunk a coffee alone.

4. Take a break

Of course, taking a break will always help you work harder when you return to your desk, but taking a break with a co-worker is even better.

Sociometric Solutions discovered that going on a break with your colleagues can help to increase your productivity, decrease stress, and in fact help raise the profits of your business by as much as 40 percent if everyone is doing it.

5. Change your seat

If you are feeling stressed out, it could be your neighbors who are the problem. Find someone in your office who is cheerful and has high levels of productivity, and try sitting next to them for the day instead. This can help to increase your productivity and lower stress, as temperaments can be contagious in workplaces.

It can be so simple to increase your productivity when you know the science behind it. Make sure that you follow these tips to make the most of every working day!

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