People from all around the world admire the success of those who we consider accomplished people.

And indeed, the reason why we admire them is known– it’s because to accomplish what they’ve done, they had to put in a lot of effort, which we consider ourselves unable to do. But as a matter of fact, if a man has a dream and is really willing to pursue it, nothing is impossible. A small problem for most people, though, is motivation.

What’s really stopping you?

Too few people ask themselves this question, even though it is the most crucial one for motivation. Failing to recognize that it is you who halts the whole process is where many people fail.The reasons for not recognizing this lie in the basic ways we humans function psychologically – we try to find blame in others, we try to convince ourselves that what we want is impossible when it is in fact not impossible.

Cases in which others have caused us to have low self-esteem are not rare either – sometimes the lack of motivation may be due to childhood trauma, abusive parenting, or simply parents which were too demanding of their children only to realize that has no use.

Whatever the case – one should first deal with that before trying to get to their dreams and goals.

Here are some tips to get yourself a motivation makeover and get you willing to pursue that dusted dream of yours.

1. Define Your Goal Clearly.

How can you expect to reach a place if you don’t know where you’re going? In order to be sure you’ll get the necessary motivation and determination to achieve your goals, you must first define them specifically and know exactly what you’re going for.

2. Envision the End Result.

Imagine yourself sitting in a room entirely different from the one you’re in right now. What’s so different? In this imaginary room, you have made your dream come true! So, what does it look like? More importantly, what do you look like in it? How do you feel?

These things, albeit small, are essential to motivate you. For example, a young programming student might envision the board of directors of his future multi-million dollar company, with him on top of the chain of command.

An aspiring artist might imagine standing in a gala opening or exhibition of his works. It differs from person to person, but in the end, this is a very efficient way to drive you to your goals, to get you all inspired and motivated.

3. Even a Great Journey Starts With a Single Step.

And continues with lots of smaller steps. Countless smaller steps, which you will have to make. This will seem depressing to some, but it’s actually a very good thing for your overall motivation. By breaking down a larger problem into many smaller ones, you’re basically doing “divide and conquer”, an old but gold military tactic used for your own goal.

Not only that – you can track progress on a smaller scale, and that will keep you wanting to do more. It will become like a game – once you finish one quest or task, another one comes, and your imaginary “experience points” go up.

Think of it this way, and you’ll make even the most tedious tasks bearable.

4. Don’t Quit on the First Difficulty – Laugh in Its Face and Continue.

No progress is ever made without mistakes, and no larger task is ever achieved without one complication. So you need to be ready, you need to have a mental image of yourself as a relentless, lunatic conqueror. Where a problem comes your way, you need to have the determination to go around it to accomplish your goal.

So basically what it boils down to is not to get gravely upset, and to celebrate every success – even the minor ones.

5. Put Yourself on Schedule.

No matter how much you might hate schedules and deadlines, they’re there for a reason – because they increase productivity. Now, if there’s no one to track your progress and push you in a time-frame, you must do it yourself, otherwise, you’ll hardly get anything done.


These are the core essentials, and with them, many smaller realizations will come. By undertaking the journey to your dreams, you can be sure that when the day comes for you to leave this world, you’ll hardly have any regrets. Good luck and keep going!

Wanted to add any tip for motivation, do in the comments!

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