It may seem easier to buy all of your grocery items under one roof. The invention of the grocery store seemed like a great idea, but what are the realities in your body and your bank balance?

In one word, bad. In order to produce and sell a wide range of goods, and make them last for a long time in the store, the superstores have lost a great deal of quality in the items.

So much so, that there are some foods that you simply should not buy and here’s why:

1. Milk

Milk is probably the worst offender. Did you know that the milk sold in the superstores has been pasteurized and homogenized? When milk is pasteurized it essentially removes all of the bad germs and bacteria, but at the same time, it also removes the good bacteria from the milk.

Raw milk has been unmodified and has all of the nutrients and vitamins milk should have. You can usually purchase this directly from your local farm, or from a co-op online.

2. Butter

As with milk, and most dairy products, before these goods enter the grocery store they have been pasteurized, homogenized, and have lots of other ingredients added to them that really shouldn’t be there.

It’s always best to buy your dairy products from a farm and raw (as they come), especially with something like butter, which is used in some many meals and for so many things. This can also apply to organic butter in a grocery store! Go straight to the source.

3. Cream of Chicken Soup

If you have ever checked the label of nutrition on a can of cream of chicken soup, you’ve probably never bought it. The best thing to do is make your own.

The store-bought cans have so many additives, including sugars and other ingredients that you would never expect, but when you make your own soup from scratch you can know exactly what you have put in (which can include real chicken for a start), and what is going into your body. What’s more, it’s actually a lot cheaper!

4. Breadcrumbs

Store-bought breadcrumbs are a waste of money and are completely unhealthy. Made from processed bread, breadcrumbs are so easy to make at home from scratch and cost almost nothing.

All you need to do is toast some bread or use some old harder bread, and put it in the food processor or even use a grater! It’s so easy, tastes so much better, is so much better for you, and saves so much money. It’s a win, win.

5. Cookies

First of all, is there anything better than freshly baked homemade cookies? No. Store-bought cookies cannot compete with the ones we make ourselves. Get out of the habit of buying everything ready-made and start making your own.

You don’t really know what’s in them. Buy the ingredients you want to include and make them as healthy as possible, that way it’s not a sin and you aren’t damaging your body.

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