There are some millennial traits that make this generation different from the rest. For example, millennials are into self-improvement.

Whether it is learning how to become great leaders or change makers and so forth, they never seem to get enough of it. And with advanced workout regimes, diet plans for therapy, training, and applications meant to enhance people’s wellbeing, millennials are a population who put so much into self-improvement. These millennial traits will help you understand this generation better:

Millennial traits and priorities

1. Different priorities

Past generations used to push their challenges far from their minds by taking coffee, smoking a cigarette or even by sleeping for fewer hours. Millennials’ preferences are completely different; they prioritize their spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing differently from all other generations.

There are plenty of therapy sessions and self-help materials which millennials access often. The self-help books are great resources. Also, therapists are there to assist them whenever they can’t find what they want in self-help books.

In fact, being civically engaged and helping others are the highest priorities for most millennials.

2. New ways of doing things

It is so obvious millennials have shattered marketplaces by getting new ways of doing things. They spend their money buying luxuries which they cannot do without. For instance, smartphones and Wi-Fi are a must have.

Whatever they buy stands out because they focus on both convenience and self-improvement. Millennials have also brought great changes in how things are done because they work more in groups and they use technology more.

Their social mindset is also an important factor because besides being excellent in digital communication, they are prepared to excel by doing well.

3. They take better care of themselves

Compared to other generations, millennials take care of themselves better. Going to a gym or having a fitness membership is a priority. They pay so much attention to workout regimes, life coaching, therapy, diet plans and apps that improve their personal wellbeing.

Also, millennials are fast-paced and properly informed. They start understanding themselves when they are still young and they are able to grow skills like tolerance, resiliency, and self-worth which are necessary to succeed in life.

They consume information immediately as it is released and they spread it to others, normally through social media. This quick awareness has brought a new mentality in regards to life aspects. And since they are continuously trying to do better, they keep looking for new methods to keep fit and remain healthy.

The Internet has also played a great role in millennial traits. With social media, they meet people who think like them. They have grown up with continuous connectivity which has enabled them to create bigger communities of friends and they keep everyone informed of their fitness progress.

4. Their expectations are high

Millennials’ expectations are higher than those of other generations. They have impractical expectations, realistic ones, and even the overly critical ones. Their performance on self-assessment shows a gap between how they are and how they think they should be.

Their unachieved ambition fuels their self-improvement fixation. For instance, millennials are not interested in just any kind of job. They are looking for jobs which fulfill their passion and not those that just fill their bank accounts.

This is among the basic millennial traits. Also, they go to work expecting to stand out very fast and get the recognition. They expect an active environment in which lots of opportunities for innovativeness, self-expression and high level of personal freedom in self-directed duties.

At the same time, millennials are optimistic and so daring about the future and older individuals.

5. They are taunted by other millennials

Emotional inconsistency is among the most telltale millennial traits. It makes them impatient and so they are running daily to get something new. They are always curious and they never get tired of discovering new things.

And on social media sites, they see other millennials doing so well and this leaves them feeling envious. They then develop a desire to do better than them even. This obsession actually pays off since a good number of millennials end up meeting their resolutions.

6. They are spoiled with a possibility

Most millennials have all the basic needs already- necessities such as security, shelter, and food. They have so little to worry about. They only suffer from the luxury of selecting from an ever-increasing list of material things, educational pursuits, media content, romantic partners and career possibilities.

With these many options, the chance to pursue their purpose in infinite ways comes- this can also lead to a tyranny of choice. Self-reflection also comes in and a drive to be the best version of them increases.

Millennials have all options in the world readily available and easily connectable via technology, hence the desire to be the best.


Millennial Traits - Conclusion

Millennials are the biggest, most learned, most well connected and most diverse generation that has ever existed. They prioritize personal-improvement and personal-care and they possess innovative power that can eventually change the universe.

These millennial traits and values are likely to be passed on to the future generations. This means that greater acceptance and less-stigma around self-help and therapy will continue being there.


Author Bio: Anabel Cooper is an editor on OnlineWorldOfMe and blogger from Harlow, the UK. She is looking for new inspiration and would like to bring something new into the lives of her readers. Follow her on Twitter to read more stories ;) 

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