There is a new era contagious additions. A fingertip away. The SMARTPHONE addiction.

It gradually prowls its way to anywhere and everywhere, not exclusive to the techno-savvy as per initial introduction.

It weaves its way to become a key life necessity. And yes, not many can do without one. The first touches and you are hooked, for you can easily get hooked….for life.

Why? Because it overtakes life, you need it to socialize, keep contact, message, and all the rest.

Many are aware that over usage of phones may result in smartphone addiction, an unhealthy syndrome that could even lead to brain cancer amongst a myriad of other social disorders and health issues.

Take note of the symptoms and signs of smartphone addiction:

1. Is the phone always in sight and do you go into a panic attack losing sight of it momentarily?

2. Are you constantly with your phone and freak out if you happen to forget it? The separation anxiety and withdrawal symptoms unbearable?

3. Does your battery not last for a full day?

4. Do you take along your phones into the bathroom?

5. Are you glued to the phone even in social settings and with the company?

6. Is it your first-morning touch and bedtime click to sleep?

7. Do you obsessively check for new messages?

8. Do you rely on the phone to evade awkward situations?

9. Is it on while you watch television, eat a meal, or even in a movie theater?

10. Are you constantly procrastinating other tasks? Is the laundry piling up, has food supply run out unnoticed? Are you working overtime because your time drifts away?

11. Are you isolating from friends and family? Is social life at stake as a result of continuous phone engagement?

12. Do you lose track of conversations and discussions in meetings because you are too busy checking for updates and phone messages?

13. Do you feel like no one really understands you like your virtual world friends online?

14. Do you sneak away and conceal your phone and get moody if your online time is invaded with reality smacks?

15. Do you wake up at night to check the phone?

16. Are you absent-mindedly on your phone even when you have other crucial tasks to fulfill?

17. Do you sleep next to your phone on the bed?

18. When your phone buzzes, do you get an urge to check updates, tweets, or emails?

So, is it worth it?

When all your time is absorbed by your phone and you neglect the real world, your work, hobbies, people in your life, as you are too busy reading Facebook updates and compulsively checking your phone it is time to reassess the use of your smartphone.

It is time to work out a healthier balance in life.

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