Freelance jobs are becoming a rage these days. Everyone wants to engage with his or her passions. Freelancing offers the possibility of turning dreams into reality. They represent the chances to do what we love and earn much-needed money at the same time.

You may be toying with the idea of a freelance career but are afraid of a lack of opportunities. The good news is that there are ways to make a living doing what you love.

The Benefits of Being a Freelancer

Freelance jobs offer the flexibility that regular careers cannot. They provide many benefits, some of which may surprise you.

First of all, freelancers can manage their workloads. They get to decide how many projects to accept, which isn’t always possible with a regular job. Consequently, they get to keep their stress levels in check. Researchers at Kansas State University found that those who worked more than 50 hours a week tended to fall sick.

Also, working from home strengthens the immune system. A person is less likely to become ill because he or she is not surrounded by colleagues. Synergy is the buzzword these days. Companies create open spaces to encourage collaboration among their staff. Interaction is always positive but fosters the spread of germs. A Danish study proves this point.

Furthermore, a freelancer gets to decide how much he or she communicates with clients. Such flexible arrangements benefit a person’s well-being. Research shows that taking breaks, even for a short time, raises energy levels. Some companies support this idea and have created nap rooms for their employees to use.

Finally, freelancers get to control their work relationships. They can decide how often to communicate with their clients. Many freelancers refuse to check their emails more than twice a day. According to a study by the University of British Columbia, not checking emails too frequently means less stress and better health.

The real meaning of freelancing

Many people misconceive the term ‘freelancer.’ They believe that it refers to someone who doesn’t have a regular job. Society has this misperception because most people work at structured, 9 to 5 careers.

Freelancing dates back to the Middle Ages. Back then, knights would fight for anyone who would pay them. Therefore, they became known as ‘Freelancers.’

The term has expanded these days to include any professional who works for pay. He or she has no ties to any organization. Contrary to popular belief, this person has his or her hands full of work and projects. Some of these people become solopreneurs because they’ve gathered enough leverage to form companies.

9 Freelance Jobs That Can Help You Make A Living Doing What You Love

Many people wish to work for themselves, but the realities of life prevent them from realizing their dreams. The internet is a piece of good news – it enables people to conduct tasks and transactions remotely. It has also given rise to new careers. Here are a few freelance jobs that may help you realize your passions.

1. Online entrepreneur

If you wish to open a business but need to save on rent, this career option is for you. There are various ways to become an online entrepreneur. You could run a blog, and with the help of savvy monetizing techniques (e.g., ad placement, affiliate marketing), turn it into a profitable business.

If you enjoy the thrill of buying and selling, why not set up an e-store? Offer your favorite merchandise for sale. Many e-store owners have put the creative abilities to good use. They sell all manner of knick-knacks, including hand-printed bags, phone cases adorned with pressed flowers, and clothes.

You may become somewhat of an e-commerce expert as well. Many people leave their day jobs to sell various wares on Amazon and eBay.

2. Virtual assistant

If you have a knack for business administration, being a virtual assistant will suit you. There are many online businesses these days and business owners who need help managing them.

Virtual assistants (VA) make their lives easier. They help business owners with scheduling and other day-to-day activities. Many are also social media managers (see below) who send out business posts on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Web developer

Another way to make a living online is to build websites. This job requires technical skills but isn’t difficult to learn. Platforms like WordPress and Joomla have opened up many possibilities for site-building. If you wish to put your computer and coding knowledge to good use, this job’s for you. Choose a specific niche if you want to build websites, as it will be easier to make your mark.

4. Travel agent

Do you like to travel around the world? Try being a travel agent. It’s a definite career possibility if you enjoy scheduling trips, managing itineraries, and interacting with people.

People book tours online these days; they give brick-and-mortar travel agencies a challenge. Many of these organizations function primarily online. If you need convincing that an online travel agency can be a success, think of and

5. Freelance writing

Content is King these days. All businesses need websites and writers to create content for them. As a writer, you can help businesses reach audiences by guest posting on different websites. In so doing, you can grab links and make more connections. Of course, language skills make a tremendous difference.

6. Social media manager

Do you find yourself on Facebook or Twitter at all hours of the day? Are you a people person? Make a career out of being on social media platforms because everyone uses them. Social media managers create posts, images, and even videos for advertising purposes. Note that this career can be challenging. Clients want to see results from their social media investments. But it is rewarding to see posts go viral.

7. Graphic design

A picture does indeed paint a thousand words. A career in graphic design is for you if you have a preference for both art and computers. Businesses are always on the lookout for artistic talent. They know that people react to powerful images. Graphic design can be a lucrative career because companies are always looking for people to create infographics and dazzling social media visuals.

8. Data entry

Many businesses require people to capture sales information during the week. Data entry is a job that you can do remotely and is a way to break out of the nine-to-five routine.

9. Call center representative

In this age of instant gratification, many companies function round the clock. They need someone to keep their businesses operational while they sleep. You will need to be somewhat of a night owl who can work productive shifts. A call center rep can act as a customer service agent for a business. He or she can take messages from clients. He or she plays an essential role and is the face of the company.

In all, these freelance jobs are opportunities to thrive on your talent. Consider them, and live your dreams.

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