You probably think that you can’t make a difference in the world…

You may not realize it – but you truly matter to the world around you.

Every human being has an effect on another human being, and the cycle continues.

Take this story for example:

A man sparks up a conversation with a fellow student about her day – just asking her the simple question: “How’s it going?”

Unexpectedly, the woman tells him that her studying is actually going terribly. She’s chosen the wrong major and is unhappy. As most human beings would, the guy tells her to change it. Simply pointing out that her desired major’s department was just around the corner.

She did it. Thanks to that one simple conversation. And years later the girl was working in her chosen field of journalism and was happy and content, and she had one stranger to thank.

This story may seem obvious, but it’s a clear example of how one small act by one human being can make a big difference in another.

You matter. It has been scientifically proven that you matter. You can make a difference and have an impact on the world.

You may seem small, but you really aren’t. Some of the most profound changes have been made by just changing one thing. So many of these changes happen between human beings.

If you start believing you can change something in your conversation or actions, then it will lead to change. Start bringing to life your purpose.

To help you put this into practice here’s why:

1. You know enough people to make change

It has been proven by Columbia University statistician Tian Zheng that every person knows 600 people. So, if every person in your 600 people knows 600 other people then you have a connective network of around 360,000 human beings. Proving you have reached.

2. You’ll meet enough people to make a difference

Did you know that you will meet around 80,000 people during your life?! This could happen when queuing for coffee, or simply walking past someone in the street.

On average, most people meet three new people every single day! Try saying hi to three people a day as a start!

3. Just be there

Just by turning up, you can make a huge difference to the makeup of someone’s brain. It sounds crazy but it’s true! Neuroscientist Rodrigo Quian Quiroga conducted a study that found that when a person sees a new face a neural pathway is formed.

When that person sees the face again the pathway fires up again, proving the effect on the brain.

4. A smile is all it takes

Believe it or not, by smiling you can transform not only someone’s day but also someone’s mental state. French neurologists have learned that a smile generates the same amount of brain activity as getting a cash gift or eating 40 bars of dark chocolate, and it’s free!

5. Pass on your knowledge

Every person on the planet has the knowledge to give and is able to teach someone else about things they know. Teaching others is a way of giving to others, that is greater than physical gifts.

It can be informal and completely trivial, but if you teach someone something new every day, you and plenty of other people will be a lot happier.

So start today with these simple techniques. Remember that you really do matter and are able to make a difference in the world!

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