Did you know that other than drinking it, you can use coffee to do so many other cool things?

Someone once told me that there are not many things that are as refreshing as a cup of quality coffee taken early in the morning or anytime during a cold day.

Be it on a date, with friends or during breakfast coffee always seem to spice up the mood around. Interestingly, some people have the opinion that coffee is overrated! Now, that is the cool thing about being human and having different tastes.

Luckily, this article does not look to take sides but it does look to tell a thing or two you did not know about coffee. Relax and take notes as we tell you why regardless of your opinion for coffee as a drink, you will still need to add it to your budget.

Insect repellant;

Most insects are attracted to sugary things such as sweet tea and hardly will you see them having a good time around coffee. Hot sugarless coffee works like insect repellant and none of them will be buzzing near you again.


If you are a plant lover and wondering where you will get cheap compost for your plants, then look no further. The coffee grounds that you extract when making coffee will help out here. Once you are done squeezing the coffee out of them, use them to grow other healthy plants.

Facial scrub;

Ladies, you should not have to worry if your scrub has run out if you are running on a tight budget. Well, Coffee is there to help you out! Use coffee grounds to do your facials and you will feel much better. You will also be surprised to know that under-puffiness can also be reduced by coffee.

Surface cleaner;

You can easily get a clean and really nice smelling surface if you use coffee-based cleaners. It will also reduce nasty smells from surfaces and areas like inside a refrigerator.

Improves health;

Do you experience slow metabolic rates? Have a cup of coffee to speed it up. Coffee also comes in handy when palates are blocked and it works miracles by cleansing and clearing the airways. Some headaches can also be stopped by drinking coffee especially to those people who can’t go a day without drinking coffee.

Hair shampoo;

Coffee can also be used in shampoo to give your hair a lasting scent. It can also be used in cleaning pets such as dogs to get rid of bad smell and keep away pests.

Check out this Infographic for more coffee uses.

24 Unexpected Ways to Use Coffee Infographic

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