Sustainable development and energy efficiency are among the most important issues for the world’s leading economies. Let’s take a look at the top 8 energy efficient countries.

Climate change is a topical subject at the moment especially following the recent COP21 United Nations event in Paris which heralded a new agreement by cooperating countries to further tackle the issue.

This has been a long-running saga in terms of worldwide politics with there being many disagreements over the years.

The U.S. famously pulled out of the Kyoto agreement, there was the Copenhagen Accord and another conference in Rio over recent times and the talks are still not at a conclusion as it’s an ongoing process.

While studies on climate change and the impact of greenhouse gases have been ongoing for a number of centuries, it is only in recent times that acceptance has been made of the fact that a lot of the issues have been man-made.

As a result, world leaders have continually been trying to put together a plan that is actionable and agreeable to all contributing nations.

The issue is that the fight against climate change is a costly one and will continue to be so.

The aim is to reduce individual country emissions but this is not an easy task in itself. It requires rigorous implementation and regulation and is not something that will happen overnight. The overall aim is to reduce emissions thereby attempting to halt or slow down the temperature rise and the Arctic melt.

Governments and their populations need to fully buy into this and hopefully, with the advent of this most recent agreement in Paris, we will see some positive movement in the right direction.

This infographic from highlights the chart placing of the top six energy-efficient countries, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Browse through the most energy efficient countries below, they make an interesting read.


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    Coal is the most abundant and burned fossil fuel. This was the fuel that launched the industrial revolution and has continued to grow in use; China, which already has many of the world’s most polluted cities,

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