Have you ever thought to combine meditation and coffee on your morning routine?

This combination will make your mood and improve your health. The dread of the alarm clock on a Monday morning is enough to put anyone in a bad mood. But to counteract this mood and give you a bit of a boost, you can try these two simple actions – a five-minute meditation followed by a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Yes, that’s right, a cup of coffee is actually good for you, well, for your brain.

A period of meditation at any time of the day clears your mind of needless thoughts and gives you much-needed clarity. If you include meditation in your morning routine, it will set you up for the day ahead and help you prioritize your thoughts.

Kelee meditation is an excellent practice to undertake in the morning routine.

It is believed that your Kelee, your vessel, is a place within where good and bad things are stored. With that in mind, you can actively take the bad out and fill it with good things. This type of meditation will help you understand how your thoughts impact the course of your life.

When you first wake up, your brain immediately begins to start working. You start thinking about what you have to do in the day, maybe what to wear, what to have your breakfast, what meetings you have scheduled.

These thoughts can lead to stress, which isn’t good for you so early after waking. If you practice Kelee for five minutes as soon as you wake up in the morning this will slow the brain down and you can gently ease into your day with clarity and focus.

Once you have completed your five-minute meditation, reward yourself with a cup of fresh organic coffee. As we know coffee is a stimulant, and it has been known to have a positive effect on your Yang meridian, according to Dr. Wang, an American Acupuncturist.

According to acupuncture, your meridians are the networks that carry chi, blood, and fluids around the entire body; these are of course invisible but connected closely to your nervous system. These networks carry the caffeine upwards, which will make you more alert and improve your circulation.

What about Organic Coffee?

Organic coffee is the obvious choice as no pesticides will have been used in its production, which means you aren’t putting pesticides into your body. According to a study by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, if you drink between three and five cups of coffee in a day, it can lead to a decrease in the development of some cancers, heart disease, Parkinson’s and diabetes.

To get the best out of your morning cup, you will need to refrain from adding coffee creamer to your cup. If you do need to sweeten it up, use organic milk and add a little honey instead of adding sugar or an artificial sweetener.

If it’s available, buy fair trade organic coffee, it means the farmers are getting a fair price for their coffee beans which in turn they will have more money for their families for healthcare and education.

Set your alarm for 10 minutes before you normally wake up. Try a five-minute Kelee meditation followed by an organic fair trade cup of coffee and see how much better a day you have!


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