Lemons: they are fresh, juicy, sometimes bitter, and always yellow.

They famously taste delicious with fish and in a gin and tonic, but in fact, they are a whole lot more than that, and it’s time they made their way into our glass or mug of water, daily.

This simple and cheap fruit not only tastes good but it’s also ridiculously good for you. And here’s why…

1. Lemon alkalise your body.

First of all, it alkalizes your body, which means it balances your PH. Despite being acidic, lemons actually have an alkalizing effect on you, and cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment.

Adding lemons, and other alkalizing foods like carrots, spinach, and tomatoes, to your diet you are essentially detoxing and lowering the chances of getting diseases and illnesses. It’s also best to limit acid-forming foods like fizzy drinks, animal protein, and diary in your diet.

2. It boosts your immune system.

Lemons have a high concentrate of vitamin C, potassium, and folate, and so by drinking lemon water, it will boost your immunity. This will certainly help you to avoid minor problems like cold, and major ones like the flu.

What’s more, lemons also contain lutein and zeaxanthin that help to keep your eyes healthy.

3. It is a diuretic.

This basically means hot lemon water will make you pee and prevent you from being bloated. This, in effect, helps you to detox and is, therefore, a great drink to start your day with. With all the bad stuff flushed out, you can focus on the good stuff, and feel good.

4. It helps with your digestion.

If you have issues with digestion, it could be a bad tummy or bloatedness, drinking hot lemon water about 15 minutes before food will stimulate your digestion.

It does this for a number of reasons, it’s atomic construction is like saliva and so it does a similar job, it helps the liver to produce enzymes, which aid digestion in your tummy, and it liquefies the bile. Pretty impressive.

5. It’s good for your skin.

With its high levels of vitamin C and nutrients, if you drink warm lemon water often it will have a very positive effect on your skin. You only need to do it for one week to see results.

6. It can help to lower blood pressure.

Lemons help to keep your blood vessels soft, and by loosening the vessels, high blood pressure will be reduced. If you consume warm lemon water regularly, then you can also lower your chance of heart failure, mostly because of the vitamin C levels of lemons.

This powerful antioxidant neutralizes the harmful effects that could be damaging your body.

It’s simple enough – use hot (not boiling) water, add ½ a fresh lemon (ideally organic) by squeezing its juice into the mug. Room temperature water or warm water will work best, boiling water is not recommended as it will kill the nutrients you want in the lemon.


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