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What Drinking Soda Does to Your Body, According to a 10-Year Study

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Is drinking soda among your daily habits? Several studies suggest that you should stop NOW! Soft drinks, with refreshing, sugared flavors, are a popular beverage of choice, especially in countries with warm climates. They may be thirst-quenching but put drinkers at the risk of obesity-related diseases. Any information released by the acclaimed research institutions deserves attention. A decade-long study conducted by their top-notch researchers reveals telling information about a weight-loss drink you know and love - diet soda. Studies Prove the Harmfulness of Drinking Soda


The 5 Stages of Drunkenness Shown in 100-year-old Photos

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These five photographs by a talented photographer from the mid-19th century portray the stages of drunkenness. Since our cave ancestors had the first taste of overripe pear or plum and swallowed the alcohol-rich fruits they figured out that there is something strange in this new sensation. The human race is enjoying the benefits of ethanol, ethyl alcohol, or simply ... alcohol for millennia now. There's something about that feeling of intoxication that we are so attracted to. It is not uncommon to create a dependency


Here Is What Will Happen to Your Body After Drinking Only Water for a Month

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Did you know about the health benefits of drinking only water for a month? We have all heard of the fact that your body can go without food for 3 weeks, but what about water? The body is made up of around 60% water so we can only last one week without water. What if we reversed this and only drank water, for one month, what would happen? The notion of drinking only water for a month is a little alternative, to say the least.


10 Warm Drinks with Alcohol You Should Try This Winter

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As the winter sets in, everyone is at their best to keep themselves warm throughout the chilly season. Apart from dressing warmly and staying indoors, there are also warm drinks that can provide the necessary heat for your body. Here are ten amazing warm drinks with alcohol you probably haven’t known of. Please keep in mind that this is meant for individuals over 21! 1. Chocolate infused with Cinnamon and enjoyed with wine When you blend chocolate together with cinnamon and wine, what do you


Fight All Types of Pain with This Homemade Drink

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Ever heard of this magical tea that has got amazing effects against body pain? If you have or not, either way, you deserve to know the algorithm used to formulate this affordable yet very amazing drink! First, it is worth knowing that this homemade drink is made up of ingredients that combine to optimal effect in being analgesic or, in simple terms, a strong painkiller. Now it’s time to hold your excitement a bit and dive into making the tea! What you need: 1 teaspoon


6 Reasons You Need to Drink Lemon Water Everyday

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Lemons: they are fresh, juicy, sometimes bitter, and always yellow. They famously taste delicious with fish and in a gin and tonic, but in fact, they are a whole lot more than that, and it's time they made their way into our glass or mug of water, daily. This simple and cheap fruit not only tastes good but it's also ridiculously good for you. And here's why... 1. Lemon alkalises your body. First of all, it alkalises your body, which means it balances your PH.


Get Rid Of Fats In The Organism With These Two Ingredients!

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Prepare this drink for purification of body fat. Is good after a hearty meal and, also, during a diet. You only need two ingredients, which you probably already have at home or you can find them easily on your neighborhoods grocery. Recipe - Ingredients needed: 400 grams of celery 1 kg of lemons Grate the celery, pour 2 liters of water over it and cook it for 20 minutes. Let the mixture cool afterward. Squeeze the juice out of all lemons and add it to the


Drink This 2-Ingredient Beverage If You’re Concerned About Your Cholesterol Levels

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This drink is loaded with natural antioxidants, as well as nutrients which naturally help lower LDL, or “bad” cholesterol levels. A light drink that can be made with two organic ingredients, this is meant to be consumed before meals to help aid digestion and lower your cholesterol. The ingredients are easily found at any local grocery store, and the procedure for making the drink is simple and easy. Give it a try, especially if you are concerned about your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol-Lowering Juice Recipe Ingredients Six


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