But with so much of our time spent inside, it makes you wonder… when was the last time you were walking barefoot outside?

We are born without shoes, we play as a child without shoes, and whenever we get the opportunity to throw off our shoes and free our feet we do. Touching and interacting with the Earth is a part of being happy and healthy, it’s completely true. Walking barefoot on the Earth allows you to directly connect with the ground, it’s an action known literally as grounding.

Every human being is electrical, the human body uses voltage to send messages from one part of the body to the other and is made up of 60 percent water. And the Earth is a natural conductor of electricity. The match is simple.

The Earth conducts electricity through a negative ionic charge, while your body produces and conducts positive electricity, that if left alone, can harm you. So by “grounding” yourself, you balance out your electrical charge.

And through its electricity, using this the Earth actually provides a free form of healthcare should you wish to use it, simply by taking off your socks and shoes and walking! And I say healthcare because it genuinely is: there is scientific research to prove that the Earth plays an important role in preventing disease and has a lot of other health benefits.

Historically, humans always spent their days wandering the globe shoeless, but for centuries and centuries since, we have lost this vital connection to the Earth. We also used to sleep on the floor, another direct connection to the Earth, something which most people rarely do anymore.

So what are the real benefits of grounding?

By absorbing the negative electrons from the ground, you allow the best and most natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory medicine in the world to take effect. Simply, the effect of the Earth on your body can reduce both chronic and acute inflammatory conditions, which is a central cause of health problems, as well as aging.

These can include sleep disruptions, chronic muscle, and joint pains, asthmatic and respiration problems, arthritis, PMS, hypertension, energy levels, stress, immune system problems and glucose levels among diabetics.

By walking without shoes, you are also essentially protected by the Earth from electromagnetic fields that exist in our environment, that can do further damage to your health.

What’s more, by doing this you open up other direct health benefits to your body and mind. Because you have to concentrate on where you are stepping when you have no shoes on, it’s a way of clearing your mind, relieving yourself of your worries and focusing on what is happening in the here and now.

Walking without shoes also strengthens the muscles in your feet, helping you with balance problems or any back or knee injuries.

You are also inevitably connecting with nature and the world around you.

It’s a great exercise for remembering what’s important and what really matters in this world. By appreciating the world around you, you can appreciate life a whole lot more.

Walking barefoot is now such an important and recognized part of your health that doctors are now prescribing their patient’s barefoot activities using the grass, dirt or sand, to help them with any issues they might have.

So kick off those shoes and embrace the Earth today!


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