A glass of icy cold water can be refreshing, rehydrating and invigorating.

But did you know that drinking warm water can actually increase its health benefits, in the following ways?

1. Your metabolism will be boosted.

Drinking warm water first thing in the morning increases your body temperature. This increase in body temperature kick-starts your metabolism, which means you’ll burn calories faster.

Take it one step further by adding fresh lemon to your warm water for a vitamin C boost. Warm lemon water also helps to break down body fat and the pectin in lemon makes you feel fuller for longer, preventing food cravings.

2. Your digestion will improve.

As well as aiding your metabolism, how fast your body turns food into energy, drinking your water warm will help you to digest food more efficiently. Warm water helps break down any fats you’ve eaten, whereas studies suggest drinking cold water during a meal can cause oils in food to harden and be deposited in the intestine.

As an added bonus – drinking warm water helps prevent constipation, by helping break down food and flush it out through the intestines.

3. Your hair and skin will look healthier.

As far as inexpensive and accessible beauty treatments go, warm water is one of the best there is. Drinking your water warm detoxifies your body, flushing out the root causes of spots and pimples with it.

Your hydrated skin will be smoother and warm water helps increase the skin’s elasticity and repair damage. It also stimulates the nerve endings in your scalp, leading to hair regrowth and soft, shiny hair. What more could you want?!

4. You’ll be happier.

Studies have shown that drinking warm water has an effect on your mood. Drinking your water warm activates nerves in the mouth and digestive system that stimulate pleasure receptors in the brain. And Chinese medicine believes that extremes of hot or cold throw off the body’s balance, yin, and yang, but drinking your water warm prevents imbalance.

In Chinese medicine imbalances are believed to cause depression and unclear thinking, so drink warm water to improve your state of mind!

Cheers to that!


By Susie S.


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