Would you like to actually see the effects of giving up alcohol? These before and after photos will show you why you should cut it a little this Christmas.

It can be so nice to go out on the town and just not have a care in the world. Everything fades away for a few hours, but then the morning after comes. With all the joys of 2016, you’d be hard-pressed to find an adult that hasn’t felt the dry mouth, nausea, and brain-splitting headache a hangover can bring.

Being merry with mates has a price, and not just the aftermath on Facebook the morning after. Alcohol dehydrates your body and starves it of moisture, leaving your mouth feeling like a desert in the morning. After a few times of this a month, you can bet your skin will be dehydrated as well.

Regular dehydration can have a knock-on effect on your kidneys and other internal organs. The liver is what breaks down fats within the body so this becomes a lot harder as well. Your body can’t process fat as well, and when this happens it can lead to excess oil in the skin and hair.

Pair that with the way alcohol hinders testosterone, your body just can’t build muscle as well as it could. No matter how many times you hit the gym, you are putting your body at a disadvantage. These are simply the physical aspects but they can massively affect your mood too.

Alcohol affects the way our brain works and actually makes depression and anxiety worse over time. Again, this is just the chemical effect on the brain and doesn’t even take into account behavior. The poor sleep, the anxious checking of Facebook in the morning, the irritability as you cope with the hangover.

These will all have long-term effects long after your hangover has ended.

There’s a ton of science behind it all out there and that’s just a taste. I could bore you with explanations about giving up alcohol, but pictures speak a thousand words, and here are twenty before and after photographs to show you just why you might want to cut back a little over this Christmas period.

Effects of giving up alcohol

Effects of giving up alcohol-2

Effects of giving up alcohol-3

Effects of giving up alcohol-4

Effects of giving up alcohol-5

Effects of giving up alcohol-6

Effects of giving up alcohol-6

Effects of giving up alcohol-7

Effects of giving up alcohol-8

Effects of giving up alcohol-9

Effects of giving up alcohol-10

Effects of giving up alcohol-11

Effects of giving up alcohol-12

Effects of giving up alcohol-13

Effects of giving up alcohol-14

Effects of giving up alcohol-15

Effects of giving up alcohol-16

Effects of giving up alcohol-17

Effects of giving up alcohol-18

Effects of giving up alcohol-19


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