A karmic relationship may easily get confused with a soulmate connection, however, these two are actually much different. While both karmic lovers and soulmatesare people whom you feel deep connections with, only soulmates are meant to spend your life with you.

Karmic relationships, on the other hand, are meant to be intense yet brief. Entering your life only to teach you a lesson, and then often leaving as quickly as they came.

Here are seven signs you are involved in a karmic relationship right now.

1. You feel addicted

When you feel so enchanted by your partner that you can’t leave his or her side, it’s time to get suspicious. This is especially true if you are experiencing a lot of negative emotions from your time together, yet, you feel like you can’t leave.

Similar to alcoholism, you know that something is bad for you yet you can’t help but repeat the same mistakes over and over. If you’re with someone who puts you down, only leaving you to feel lost without them, they are a Karmic lover.

2. There are just as many lows and highs

No relationship is perfect and you will always have both highs and lows. It’s when the lows equal or outway the highs that you need to reevaluate things. Your soul mate should be someone that brings out the best in you.

If you feel as though you are intensely in love with someone who brings out the worst in you, you are in a karmic relationship. As hard as it is, it may betime to let go.

3. Connection at first sight

Whether “love at first sight exists is a debatable argument, however, everyone has experienced an instant connection with someone at some point. When you first met this person, you may have just noticed them more than everyone else in the room.

Not because they were the best looking or really loud and noticeable. They were just simply there and you felt the need to talk to them. You felt drawn to them.

4. A karmic relationship is a hot and cold one

When you’re in a karmic relationship, things are constantly hot and then cold. It seems as if your life in one big bipolarmess. One day you two are so nice to each other, holding hands and whispering sweet-nothings.

The next day you are shouting at each other over unimportant arguments. It seems as though you can never stay happy or calm for a long period of time.

5. You put them on a pedestal

Even though they drive you crazy, you can’t admit it to yourself out loud.It’s hard to see all the flaws that your friends and family point out in your karmic relationship. You have the bad habitof always putting them on a pedestal. You keep putting their needs above your own and they don’t even acknowledge or appreciate this.

6. Karmic partners are selfish

In a karmic relationship, your partner gets used to you putting them first and this leads to selfish tendencies. They end up taking you for granted and walking all over you. They become keen to the fact that you can’t live without them and they know they can get away with manipulatingyou.

7. Karmic partners are controlling

Karmic partners easily become controlling and obsessive about your whereabouts. After all, karmic relationships work both ways and they are just as addicted to you as you are to them. They get nervous if they feel you are venturing too far away or interested in many other things. They want to stay at the center of your life.

Most people go through a karmic relationship (or maybe a few relationships) in their life before they meet their soulmate.

These relationships are important as they teach you about love and about yourself. It’s crucial to remember, however, that when the lessons have been learned, you need to let your karmic lover go.

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