There are many different types of women out there, but when it comes to girlfriends nerdy girls are hands down the best. Here are 8 reasons why you should date a nerdy girl.

When you choose a girlfriend it always behooves you to look past shallow aspects such asimage. Your relationship will be much stronger when you date someone who you connect with on many levels, someone you consider a best friend first. Nerdy girls are more relatable than anyone else and here are eight reasons they make the best girls to date.

1. Nerdy girls are down to earth

You won’t catch a nerdy girl with too many superficial interests. She’s not going to bore you with what Kim Kardashian wore over the weekend and she won’t judge you harshly for your appearance.

She won’t evermanipulateyou into shaving your beard or changing your outfit. She’s happy to join you for a night of video games in sweat pants and marvel t-shirts any time.

2. You don’t have to wait all day for her

When you are waiting for a nerdy girl to get ready…you don’t have to wait at all! All she really needs to do is put on her clothes, brush her teeth and maybe run a comb through her locks.

She couldn’t fathom spending an hour and a half on her hair and makeup. Careful though, nerdy girls are pretty witty. If you take to long to get ready she will likely be making fun of you for the rest of the day.

3. Nerdy girls aren’t clingy

You don’t have to worry about your girlfriend being clingy when you’re dating a nerdy girl. These types of girls have an infinite amount of interests and passions which means they can entertain themselves for quite some time.

A recent British studyactually shows that intelligent people enjoy spending time alone. This means your nerdy girl won’t get offended when you just want to hang out with your friends. She will respectyour alone-time, and matter of fact, a nerdy girl will likely be relieved to have a night to herself. This way she can finish the book she’s reading…or writing!

4. Nerdy girls are more fun

Nerdy girls are just more fun! They would way rather spend money on excursions than shoes or clothing. You don’t have to worry about a nerdy girl dragging you with her to the mall, she finds shopping to be a boring waste of time! She would rather go camping, rafting, bike riding…you name it.

5. Intelligence is sexy

Nerdy girls are highly intelligent. Not only can they keep up with you, but they can often surprise you. You will constantly learn new things when you date someone very smart and you will never have to explain what’s going on during your favorite anime series. She already knows.

6. She’s not hard to impress

You don’t have to be rich to impress a nerdy girl, all you have to be is thoughtful. A nerdy girl will appreciate a rose with a poem much more than some expensive jewelry. It’s the thought that counts and nerdy girls know that spending a bunch of money is actually pretty thoughtless.

If you can’t afford to take her out on extravagant dates all the time that’s perfectly okay. A nerdy girl is often just as happy ordering takeout and having a movie night.

7. Nerdy girls are interesting

You’ll never be bored with a nerdy girl, as they are the opposite of simple. Nerdy girls have interesting hobbies and passions which they will love to teach you about. These girls aren’t just into simple hobbies like soccer.

They are into fantasy, art, history, linguistics,musicand more. With these girls, you can have stimulating conversations on topics such as why the Roman Empire fell, or possibilities of alternate universes!

8. She won’t judge you for being weird

A nerdy girl won’t judge you for being weird because she’s kind of weird too! Honestly, a little weirdness turns her on. She would find someone boring if they were too normal. If you have an extensive collection of action figures, that’s no problem!

If you want to learn how to speak Elvish, she might learn with you! When you want to date someone who accepts you for exactly who you are, a nerdy girl is surely the way to go.

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