There are some jojoba oil uses and benefits for your skin care you may not know about and that will make you want to use it daily!

Jojoba oil is extracted from the nut of an American shrub which is mostly found in the arid regions of the United States. It comes with a number of surprising benefits for the skin and hair. Today, we will talk about jojoba oil uses that can help make your skin look smooth and glowing.

This natural wax has become popular as a skin conditioner and used in the preparations of a number of skin creams and lotions by many companies.

Some of the amazing jojoba oil uses for your skin health are:

1. Works as skin moisturizer

Most of the soaps and face wash available in the market clear off the sebum present in the skin and thus dries it out. The amount of sebum or oil in the skin gland decreases every time we wash our face even with the plain water.

For better skin, it is important to keep it moist & hydrated and for that, you need to have a protective layer of oil on your skin.

Jojoba oil is a waxy substance forms a protective oily layer on the skin, seals moisture and even protects it from external elements.

2. Controls oily skin

If your sebaceous glands are overactive it will produce more oil and your face will look oily. This may pave way for the dust particles to settle on the skin and increase chances of skin disorders like acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and dandruff.

Applying jojoba oil on your face will help to moderate the production of sebum and thus reduce the oil production. So simply, it has opposite effects on oily skin and dry skin.

3. Controls acne

Due to hormonal changes, many people face acne issues during puberty. In some people, it goes after some time while in others, it stays during adulthood too.

Another one of the amazing jojoba oil uses is that it acts as a natural cleanser which penetrates inside the hair follicle to clear out the blockage causing the acne. Again, the oil comes with antibacterial properties which stop the growth of bacteria in the hair follicle. Moreover, it soothes the irritated skin by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. The oil is very much safe to use and has no side-effects.

4. Chapped lips

One of the common problems that people face during dry seasons is chapped lips. The waxy jojoba oil can act as a natural moisturizer for lips and keep it soft and supple throughout the day.

Moreover, you can even make your own lip balm by adding pure beeswax to the oil and carry it throughout the day. For this, take equal quantities of jojoba oil and beeswax. Using organic jojoba oil is recommended.

Melt the wax and mix it with the oil over the heat. If you want to add some fragrance to it, add some aroma oil and then let it cool. You can easily store it is glass jars and containers.

5. Dry cuticles

Cuticles play an important role to protect nail beds. But, they dry up very quickly and start tearing out. So to keep them in good condition you need to keep them nourished and moisturized. Apply jojoba oil like any other cuticle oil and see the difference.

The oil comes with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin E, which simply acts to keep your cuticles in better conditions.

6. Cracked hands and feet

Unlike other body parts, palms and soles do not have natural oil producing glands. For the same reason, they dry out quickly during the winters. Even some medical conditions can take a toll on the body and dry out the hands and feet.

7. Acts against eczema, psoriasis, and sunburn

Eczema is a condition where skin gets irritated by chemicals or dyes. People experience dry and itchy skin which causes inflammation and scaling. Applying jojoba oil provides greater relief to the people.

On the other hand, psoriasis is an autoimmune disease with similar kind of skin conditions. Jojoba oil works as a moisturizer on the dry and scaly skin and protects it from any kind of secondary infections.

If you experience skin redness when out in sun then it can be a sign of skin damage. Sunburn can happen anytime and you don’t have to be on the beach for it. Apply jojoba oil before you leave the home and it will work as a protective layer for your skin.

Again they come with a good amount of vitamin E and vitamin B complex, which can repair and regenerate the skin.

Say yes to natural skin care routine!

So these are some great jojoba oil uses. If you seek to improve your skin and make it glowing with each and every passing day, you may want to add jojoba oil to your daily self-care routine.


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