Drinking alkaline water has lots of amazing benefits for your body.

The mystery of water is simple. Water is life! The better the quality and amount of water, the better the quality of life. Many civilizations started around a good source of water and their myths are including the stories about the importance of water.

Besides hydrating us, it’s our main purifier and source of minerals.

Water can store memories and can heal with its huge powers.

When water is of a bad quality our health is at a big risk. Having the best water for drinking, but also for bathing and washing is something that not all the parts of our planets have today.

The growth of industry, natural and geopolitical factors made some parts of the earth a very unhealthy place to live. But we the humans are always finding the ways to survive, to make the quality of life better and to fix the things. As much as we destroy our environment, we give our best to make it better again.

The best way to make the water healthy and good for our bodies is to make it less acidic and more alkaline. Alkaline water does not run from any taps. In order to benefit from the healing powers of water, we must make it alkaline.

When we say: “alkaline water” we are talking about its pH level. pH level is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. A substance that has pH 1 is extremely acidic, while a substance with a pH of 13 is very alkaline.

Good water naturally should have a pH value of 7. Good alkaline water should measure 9 to 10 on the pH scale.

Healthy benefits of alkaline water are numerous.

It can boost your immune system which will help your body heal itself. It can also help digestion. Acidity is a big enemy of good digestion. By drinking alkaline water you will help your stomach and all the other parts of your digestive system.

You will most probably heal the stubborn heartburns and bloat. Let’s not forget that by drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline foods you will build a great defense against malicious conditions. Alkaline water helps to reduce the bad mouth odour which is caused by low pH (acidity) in the mouth.

Furthermore, drinking a lot of alkaline water will give you a good boost of energy and overall vitality. It can even slow the aging process and help you look better. Alkaline water is good for your skin as well. The risk of osteoporosis is significantly reduced with alkaline water.

For the people who want to reduce body fat, alkaline water is the way to go. The main reason for overweight is the toxins which are stopping or slowing the processes of metabolism.

Drinking alkaline water will reduce the excess fat storing, but it will also give your metabolism a boost so you will have a natural way to keep your body in a healthy balance.

How do we make our daily water more alkaline?

We can, of course, purchase the bottled water which is advertised as already purified and alkaline, but that would be quite an expensive change in our daily routine. We need at least 8 glasses of water per day, which means almost 2 liters of alkaline water.

If we count that on a monthly basis, we can easily purchase a device called Ioniser which is claiming to make alkaline and purified water by performing electrolysis. This method is still debatable due it’s excessive power consumption and time needed for the process

So, what is the best and most economical way to make your own alkaline water?

1. Let’s start with the thing that almost every kitchen has – baking soda. This multi practical powder has been known for great natural cleaning, healing and beauty powers. To make the water alkaline with baking soda you will need a 1/8 tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water.

Be sure not to use more because all good things are good when consumed in small doses. Also, be sure to use distilled or purified water because most of the tap water is not a good base to make alkaline water.

2. Another homemade recipe is the famous lemon water. It sounds like an oxymoron but lemon juice is not only acidic, it’s also anionic.When it comes to our system it turns alkaline.

You don’t have to squeeze the lemon. Wash it well and cut it into pieces and add to a bottle of water. You can keep this water in the refrigerator, but a better way is to keep it at room temperature.

3. Third easy way to make alkaline water is to add pH drops which can be purchased in pharmacies or online. By simply following the instructions you will have your daily doses of alkaline water made quickly and easy.

In order to learn more about the acidity of liquids you consume, you will need pH paper strips.

Remember, less acidic liquids are always better for your health.


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