Today’s society has progressed.

You have the Internet and fast food. But your grandparents were probably healthier then than you are now. In all likelihood, they were also happier. So what are their golden keys to health and happiness? Here are ten of their best-kept secrets.

How Did Your Grandparents Live?

Of course, your grandparents lived in places that weren’t so developed. They went without many things. They would have found their way with maps because they didn’t have GPS devices. Their complexions would have been fairer because there were no tanning beds.

Your grandparents would have known the teller in the bank near them because they didn’t have ATM cards. They probably needed to place calls from payphones since there were no cell phones. Communication would have been face-to-face because computers were a new invention.

Also, they would have needed to heat up food on stoves because there were no microwaves. They had a few TV channels because there was no digital cable. Finally, they would have paid high medical bills because there was no health insurance.

6 Reasons Your Grandparents Were Healthier and Happier Than You

Your grandparents’ lives were simple but fulfilling, though they didn’t have the things you have. Here are ten reasons not having them made them hale and hearty.

1. More Physically Active

First of all, not having the Internet meant that they had to travel to meet their family and friends. So, they were probably physically more active and healthier than you.

The places they lived in were less urbanized than they are now. So, they needed to walk to get their necessities and attend to daily needs. If they are fitter than you, it’s not surprising.

2. A Simpler Life

It’s nearly impossible to do without Email or Instant Messaging. You can tell your loved ones what you want at once. However, it also means that people expect immediate replies, so you have to attend to them immediately. Therefore, it adds to your stress.

Your grandparents had less stress than you because people didn’t expect instant responses. They didn’t have to answer snail mail at once. So saying, they had more time for rest.

3. Eating Healthily

Also, your grandparents ate whole foods. In fact, they probably grew their produce. They wouldn’t have used many chemicals or pesticides. Conversely, you would probably eat more processed foods. Hot dogs make quick lunches, but they contain preservatives that can cause conditions like cancer.

4. No Addiction to Technology

Furthermore, they no problems with being addicted to technology. You wouldn’t have seen them walking while typing on their cell phones.

Without video conferencing, they needed to interact with others in person. Therefore, they had to spend more time with their friends. Your grandparents had greater opportunities for fun, laughter, and happiness.

5. Deciding On Happiness

Have you wondered why grandma always greets you with a warm smile and laugh? Your grandparents survived trauma like World War 2. They made it through many political changes and may have experienced poverty.

Therefore, Grandma knew about positivism. She chose her happiness and decided to stay upbeat.

6. Hobbies

How did your grandparents occupy their time without computers or the Internet? They had other interests. That’s why Grandpa loves a quiet day out at the pond fishing. Grandma probably enjoys ballroom dancing sessions. Having these hobbies and skills made them happy and satisfied. They created opportunities for fun, laughter, and joy.

You’ll probably get as fit and happy as your grandparents if you do some of the things they did.

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  1. Cheryl Lynn Gibbs Bowen

    Yes, the older generation was a lot healthier and stronger. My parents and grandparents could work rings around me and I can work rings around younger folks today 🙂

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