7 Grandma’s Flu Remedies That Are Really Effective Against Cold

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An annoying cold is not life-threatening yet, is hard to cure. And sometimes, grandma's flu remedies are the best solution for it. A warm bowl of chicken soup is heaven-sent when you're in bed trying to nurse a cold. We explore why people prefer natural remedies to conventional medicine, and suggest a few that can stop sudden sneezes. Why Do People Prefer Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu to Modern Medicine? People haven't stopped turning to Paracetamol or antibiotics for flu relief. However, some people

6 Reasons Your Grandparents Were Healthier and Happier Than You

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Today's society has progressed. You have the Internet and fast food. But your grandparents were probably healthier then than you are now. In all likelihood, they were also happier. So what are their golden keys to health and happiness? Here are ten of their best-kept secrets. How Did Your Grandparents Live? Of course, your grandparents lived in places that weren't so developed. They went without many things. They would have found their way with maps because they didn't have GPS devices. Their complexions would have

Why Your Great Grandparents Were Healthier Than You

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The generation of our great grandparents had a more simple and healthy lifestyle. Lately, I keep thinking of my great-grandmother, and how many of family have some kind of diabetes – but she didn't. She was fit and able until the day she passed – And I wonder why. Why aren't the younger members of the family as healthy as she was? According to this Huffington Post article, there are 5 main reasons, with the first being dieting. Now, diet fads are a dime a

Food Allergies: Your Grandparents Never Had Them, Why Do You?

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It’s a shocking fact that nowadays, many more people have food allergies than 50 years ago. It’s also interesting that your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents didn’t have food allergies, but you do. If you don’t know why this is happening, it might be the prime time you look at your habits and the habits of the people around you. Food allergies don’t simply appear out of nowhere, and if no one in your family has them, the chances are that you won’t have them as

Grandma’s Home Remedies for Any Ailment (That Actually Work!)

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Who else could provide the most effective home remedies for all kinds of ailments? Grandmothers, of course! When confronting an annoying minor health issue, such as a cold or sunburn, we often overlook the simplest yet incredibly effective home remedies and completely natural solutions. People have always suffered from colds but all the cold and flu drinks appeared only recently. How did they survive before? With home remedies, of course! Well, let's ask our Grandmas and great Grandmothers about it! Colds Chicken soup! We have all heard

5 Weird Myths Your Grandma Told You That Turned Out To Be True!

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Old wives tales are usually just that – tales. But, believe it or not, some of these weird myths have turned out to be scientifically true. I guess it's time to start believing your Grandma... 1. Using peanut butter to get gum out of hair It's the age-old problem – gum stuck in your hair. And from sticking your head in the freezer and attempting to scrape it off to cut your hair off, it's a seriously sticky situation. It just won't budge, and then you