There are many times when cravings just appear, unexpectedly, and there is no actual hunger.

What are the causes of these sudden food cravings?

These are the most common types:

1. Classical conditioning

Places and people can trigger off cravings for certain types of food. We are all victims of this category of cravings. Like craving pizza on movie nights at a certain time, out of habit.

Once you are aware of the habit, it can be easy to steer away from it. Once you figure out exactly what triggers of these cravings you can combat it. Figure out timings of the food cravings and if it is a pattern. Determine the types of foods craved.

Are there any life experiences you can think have linked to this kind of food? Are there any emotions conjured to this food connection? Do you feel happy or sad, anxious or afraid?

Once you detect the whys of the cravings, you can begin the battle against them. Keep reminding yourself that your body does not need this type of food in its system. Like you conditioned yourself to the craving, condition yourself out of it.

2. Physiological Craving

You should get tested and analyze which minerals or vitamins you might be deficient in that cause certain cravings.

  • Salt cravings

Sometimes food craving tends to have a physiological link. Some may crave salt every time they are in stressful situations or after an intense workout. This could be because your adrenal gets low in these conditions as adrenal glands retain sodium.

Therefore, the body will crave salt. Now counter this by taking some veggies ships along instead of salty French fries. Stress and exercise affect adrenal glands and these cause cravings or a calcium deficiency leads to salty cravings.

  • Chocolate cravings

Chocolate has high magnesium there is a craving for it, it could indicate a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is crucial for skin and hair. If you have a magnesium deficiency, it can cause dizziness, lower blood pressure and muscle weakness.

Chocolate triggers of serotonin. This serves as an anti-depressant that the brain seeks when your mood is down as chocolate releases happy hormones needed.

Spoiling yourself with some chocolate will do no harm but do try and opt for or dark chocolate that is high in antioxidants and low in sugar.

  • Sugar cravings

If there is a sugar craving, the body might be lacking Chromium. This mineral works with insulin for regulating the blood sugar level.

To halt his craving, opt for low GI food in, as they will gradually increase your blood sugar level. Snack on fruits cures the sweet cravings.

  • Red Meat cravings

Meat has a high level of iron and this craving may indicate a low iron level. This affects females during menstruations and pregnancy.

An alternative is leafy greens like spinach and kale and spinach for effective iron intake. A table of alternatives to munch on when cravings tag along.

3. Addiction

There is another possibility of cravings. Addiction. Food can be addictive. Sugar seems to be a common addiction. Certain foods stimulate reward in the brain as drugs do. These foods cause the release of endorphin hormones.

The ‘feel good’ hormones. The method to kick oust food addiction needs commitment and passion. You need to detox the body completely of foods that you may be addicted to. Refrain from eating those foods totally.

This will not be easy as you might undergo withdrawal symptoms but it is critical. After a detox, you can gradually introduce the food back into your diet.

There is no simple solution to the reason of food cravings. Everyone differs. Cravings can be caused by single or multiple factors. Become your own scientist. Learn how your body functions. Once you do this, your food choices will improve and you will counter all cravings.



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