We have all heard about dehydration and its bad influence on our health. That’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated. Dehydration affects the body and mind equally and should be considered as one of the most dangerous everyday health hazards.

The truth is that you don’t need to make a big “effort” to be dehydrated. If your body lost only 1.5% of the water that it usually contains (note that our body normally has 60% water), you will reach the critical point of mild dehydration.

Inadequate fluid intake can be caused by many factors. Dehydration has additional adverse health effects, such as fatigue and bad breath, but also more serious outcomes, such as irresponsible driving.

Here are 12 reasons why you should stay hydrated to avoid the adverse effects of dehydration:

1. Dehydration causes bad breath!

It is simple to skip drinking water during a long day at work, but at the end of the day, you may find somebody standing surprisingly distant from you when you open your mouth. Our saliva has important antibacterial characteristics.

When you are dehydrated, you will have decreased salivation in the mouth. This can allow bacteria to thrive, resulting in bad breath. So drink water and stay hydrated for the sake of your health, but don’t forget that by drinking water you will not have bad breath, and therefore your social skills might improve.

2. It causes cravings for sugar.

Dehydration can be easily misinterpreted as hunger, especially as the overwhelming desire for sugar. This can occur especially if you exercise. When you train in a dehydrated state, you will be using your glycogen faster. Then you will be reducing the levels of glycogens fast.

So, when you finish the exercise, most probably, you will start to desire foods high in sugar. In order to replace the levels of glycogen and be ready for your next workout, it is wise to drink plenty of water before starting the first set of exercises.

3. Destroys your workout!

Even if you have moderate dehydration, it is harming your ability to make proper training. A dehydration level of around 2% in the body is causing a 10% reduction in athletic achievement. Also, the more dehydrated you are, the worst accomplishment you get.

For instance, if you are training while dehydrated, the effort you put at level 6, will feel like level 8.

4. It produces dryness of the skin!

If you want to keep the skin youthful and glowing, you will need to drink enough water and stay hydrated. The best skin moisturizer works its way from the inside out. Depending on your lifestyle, you may have to adjust water consumption.

If you’re training every day you should drink extra water. For glossy, hydrated skin, it’s useful to intake more water orally. If you have long baths or showers or using hot or warm water, you will dehydrate your skin.

5. It may change your eligibility to drive safely.

Many drivers tend to avoid drinking water before long drives in order to avoid the need for a toilet. But a new study published in “Physiology and Behavior” points out that the number of driving failures were increased when vehicle operators were dehydrated.

The effect was similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. Since people often intentionally avoid drinking water before long road trips, dehydration could raise the risk of driving accidents. Also, it’s good to take breaks during the long trips, because you will be able to stretch your limbs and refresh.

6. It causes exhaustion!

If you are feeling tired in the afternoon, this might be a sign of dehydration. When we are dehydrated, our blood pressure decreases, the heart rate is raised and blood flow to the brain slows down. This can make you feel fatigued.

Also, a lack of water in the muscles makes simple tasks more difficult and tiresome.

7. It causes hypersensitivity!

If you are feeling tense, drink a glass of water and your condition may change. Dehydration has some neurological influence and can produce difficulty.

A small research published in the Journal of Nutrition studied the mood and concentration of 25 young females who, either had been getting enough fluids to stay hydrated or were mildly dehydrated. The dehydrated girls reported migraines, loss of concentration and impulsiveness.

8. It can cause shivering!

It may seem contradictory, but dehydration can cause shivering. This is because your body starts to restrict blood flow to the skin. Furthermore, water keeps the heat, so if dehydrated, it may be more difficult to regulate the body temperature, which can make you feel cold. Even when you are not in a cold environment.

9. It can cause muscle cramps!

Lack of water causes less blood circulation, which can cause muscle cramps. The body will protect vital organs and will displace the liquid away from the muscles and everything else which is not considered vital.

Moreover, muscle cramps can be extremely painful, making the muscles harder than it is in the normal state. Additionally, changes in sodium and potassium through sweat loss may also contribute to cramps.

10. It causes dizziness and blurred vision!

When you suffer from dehydration, brain blood circulation decreases, which can make you feel dizzy.

Moreover, according to a study from the British Journal of Nutrition, mild dehydration can affect your ability to perform mental operations and cause confounding events. Interestingly, the study also showed more changes available to women than in men, both at rest and during exercise.

11. It can cause headaches!

Dehydration can produce neuralgias in many different ways. The shortage of hydration influences the body’s serotonin levels. For this reason, you may experience headaches. Additionally, small blood capillaries in the brain react immediately to low water levels, resulting in pain, even migraines.

So try to drink one or two glasses of water when you experience a headache, and you may find that it will decrease your pain better than an aspirin. You could also consume fruits which contain a high percentage of water and vitamins.

12. It causes constipation.

Your body needs water to move substances through the colon. When you do not drink enough water, your body withdraws more liquid feces, which make it harder and harder to go through the anus. Because of this, it is crucial to drink more water and stay hydrated.

However, if the cause of your constipation is the lack of fibers then you need to eat more vegetables and fruits. Beverages such as milk, juices, soft drinks, tea or coffee, and certain foods such as fruits, vegetables, and yogurt, contain a lot of water and significantly contribute to your hydration!


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