Most weight loss products rely on clever marketing and advertising so as to appeal to the vast majority of people.

People tend to fall for the hype generated by these products without taking time to do their own research. It is therefore not a surprise that for every person who succeeds, there seem to be two or more people who feel shortchanged because of impractical expectations and the realization that the pills are not worth all the hype.

These “miracle” pills have flooded the market, making it hard for you to find any good weight loss solutions that may be available. One product that stands out from the rest and may be the perfect solution to your weight loss problems is Proactol Plus.

In this review, I intend to take a comprehensive approach by examining what it does, how it does that and the expectations that you should have when using it. We’ll also talk about potential side effects and pricing so that by the time you finish reading the article, you’ll be well-informed and be able to back your decision to use, or not to use, the product with valid facts.

What is Proactol Plus?

Proactol Plus is a more advanced version of Proactol which has had a continuous market presence of over five years. It is a fat binder and appetite suppressant that has thousands of user testimonials that back up its claims.

It has a unique fiber complex that has been clinically proven to bind up to 27.4% of your dietary fat intake. It reduces the amount of fat absorbed by your body in any given meal and also reduces your hunger cravings. Read on to find out exactly how it works.

How does Proactol Plus work?

How Proactol Works

Fat Binder

Proactol Plus targets the fat molecules in your food. Its fiber attaches itself to the fat in your stomach, forming a bulky gel-like substance that is not easily digested. Your body only manages to break down a portion of the consumed fat. The rest of the fat is excreted along with the fiber.

Therefore, the supplement’s fat-binding activities result in a smaller amount of fat and calories entering your bloodstream, thus helping you lose weight.

Appetite Suppressant

The gel-like substance that is formed when fat is bound to fiber takes longer to be digested and excreted. This leaves you feeling fuller for longer, helping to reduce your cravings for snacks.


Proactol’s ingredients are 100% natural and organic hence suitable for vegetarians. They are free from any preservatives, artificial coloring, flavors, and allergens. As a matter of fact, the ingredients have received certification and approval from various bodies such as ECOCERT France S.A.S. and the UK Vegetarian Society.

The ingredients have also undergone stringent medical tests leading to the supplement being certified as a medical device (MDD 93/42/EEC) for weight management, making it one of the safest and most effective weight loss solutions available.

The ingredients include:

  • Prickly Pear Cactus Extract – This extract contains the fiber complex that binds to the fat in your diet, lowering the absorption of fat by your body and controlling the levels of lipids in your blood.
  • Silica – It controls your nervous and circulatory systems, helping your body gain the most nutritional value from the food you eat. This makes you feel full for longer and reduces your food cravings, helping you lose weight.
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose – A non-soluble fiber that helps you curb hunger by making you feel full longer.
  • Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Dehydrate – Common to many diet supplements, this ingredient has the ability to eliminate excess potassium and magnesium that can block your metabolism. It enhances the functioning of the other Proactol elements.
  • Magnesium stearate – This FDA-approved compound works with the other non-soluble fibers to control absorption of fat by your body. It also provides good cholesterol.
  • Povidone – This ingredient is soluble in water and encourages the fat-binding process. It also provides good cholesterol.

Potential side effects

Due to the fact that Proactol Plus’ ingredients have been proven to be 100% natural, chances of you encountering side effects are slim. However, some people have complained about the following:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Minor nausea
  • Headaches

Most consumers who have complained of the above symptoms say that they disappear after the first few days of usage. Some have also found the symptoms to be very mild hence tolerable.

An overwhelming majority of people have not complained of any side effects arising from its usage. It is always best to speak with your physician before using any weight loss product.

Customer Feedback

Majority of the people who have used Proactol Plus have given positive user feedback. There are many inspiring success stories that show the effectiveness of this product. Sophie Silva from Sussex, UK lost 11 lbs in just over a month.

Samantha Pustelnik lost 35 lbs in 8 months. Guntar Sinamerk lost 68 lbs in 6 months. You can have a look at amazing user testimonials on the Proactol website and on other weight loss websites.


Based on the clinical trials and user testimonials, Proactol Plus is a great weight loss supplement. You shouldn’t worry so much about spending money on it since chances of it being effective are very high.

Furthermore, if you don’t experience any weight loss, you can make use of the unparalleled 180-day money back guarantee.

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