It’s frustrating when your knees or limbs hurt. The problem of joint pain is complex and disturbing. When it comes to coming up with treatments, medical science has to make strides. So what causes those aches in our knees, and is there a way to get joint pain relief naturally?

Causes of Joint Pain

Damage to the joints will cause pain and impede your movements. Either injury or disease can destroy them.

1. Health Conditions

The first illness on the list is osteoarthritis, a disease common among people over 6o years of age. Youth who are obese may suffer from it as well. Joint aching and soreness characterize this condition. Stress and overuse of the joints may trigger it.

Bursitis, or the inflammation of the bursae, may also lead to joint pain. You will find bursae between joints. Their function is to decrease friction and irritation. Pain sets in if there is a constant impacton the joints. Furthermore, an oddly placed bone may stress a bursa sac.

Another illness that may cause joint pain is gout. A build-up of uric acid may form crystals that cause joint inflammation. People at risk are those who drink a lot of alcohol and eat plenty of seafood.

Sarcoidosis may impact the joints as well. Your immune system protects against bacteria that are trying to destroy cells. About a quarter of suffers experience joint pain. Lyme Disease is a condition brought about by bacteria-carrying ticks. You may get a rash that spreads quickly. It may also show up as a headache.

Fibromyalgia, a painful condition, is the inflammation of the central nervous system. It causes extreme pain in the joints.

2. Injury

An accident may damage your joints, which causes pain.

Signs of Joint Pain

Joint pain can affect ligaments, bursae, or tendons. It may also impact the cartilage and bones within the joints. These symptoms point to a need for joint pain relief.

They include:

1. Joint redness
2. limping
3. Joint tenderness
4. decrease in range of motion of the joint
5. stiffness
6. warmth
7. and weakness.

Natural Ways To Get Joint Pain Relief

When you suffer from persistent joint pain and your knees start to flare, it makes sense that all you can think about is getting some relief. However, some drugs have painful side effects. Thankfully, there are ways to manage joint pain without using them. Remember to consult your doctor before starting any natural treatment.

1. Acupuncture

First of all is acupuncture, which the Chinese have used to treat arthritis pain for centuries. However, there hasn’t been much scientific proof of its effectiveness. The good news for fans of traditional Chinese medicine is that a 2013 research review found that it treats fibromyalgia and stiffness. If you wish to try it, note that you will have to go through many sessions before you can see its effects.

2. Water Activities

Aquatic activities increase your flexibility and strength without much impact. A 2014 review in Physical Therapy showed that water exercises improve physical functioning and decrease pain. Researchers from the Netherlands also discovered that aquatic circuit training eases knee osteoarthritis.

3. Take spice

Also on this list of natural remedies for joint pain is Capsaicin. You’ll find it in the red hot chili peppers you love. It’s also an essential ingredient in some topical creams. Capsaicin depletes Substance P, a chemical that triggers pain receptors. A study by researchers from Case Western Reserve University found that 80% of people who had osteoarthritis felt their pain decrease after applying Capsaicin cream four times daily for two weeks.

4. Take Supplements

Glucosamine and chondroitin both relieve joint pain. Studies aren’t conclusive, but a 2015 research review found that it has the potential to reduce pain and improve physical functioning.

5. Omega 3- Fatty Acids

Aso, Omega 3 fatty acids, found in fish oil supplements, combat inflammation. Therefore, they soothe aching joints. A 2015 Thai study discovered that people with arthritis experienced reduced pain after they took fish oil supplements with high amounts of EPA and DHA.

6. Try Martial Arts

Tai Chi strengthens your joint muscles without stressing them. It also expands your range of motion. A 2013 review of seven controlled trials showed that people who went on a 12-week Tai-Chi program experienced reduced pain.

7. Use a wrap

Finally, if you have knee osteoarthritis, wrap your knee. Doing so before bed decreases swelling and pain. Furthermore, wearing a knee brace supports the knee joint.

In all, joint pain doesn’t have to get in your way. You don’t have to count on sleep-inducing drugs. Let these methods bring joint pain relief naturally.

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