There are ways to tell if your relationship is evolving too fast, and you must consider these signs before moving on.

Relationships are beautiful things. They bring us joy, companionship, love, and yes, sometimes pain. There are also many questions when you’re in a relationship – “Is it time to move to the next level?”, “Are there any issues you need to work out?”, and “Is your relationship moving too fast?” I think we should focus on that last question because that one can help us answer the others, and even more.

When things should slow down

If your relationship is rushed, you need to slow down immediately. Rash decisions in relationships leave you stuck in unions that just don’t match. They can also be signs of dysfunction in one or both partners. It’s important to recognize the signs of moving at a rushed pace. So, let’s look at a few.

1. One relationship to another

I’ve learned over time that moving directly from a breakup to another relationship is never healthy. Yes, it means your relationship may not be real and you’re moving too fast. After using this pattern in my life, I finally learned that leaving a relationship means you should take some time alone.

You need time to process what happened and what you’ve learned from your mistakes. If you’re bouncing between relationships, you’re rushing things.

2. Seeing each other too much

In the beginning, it’s natural to want to spend time together. Maybe it’s okay to spend lots of time together. But, if you’re spending all your time with your new love, the relationship is probably moving a bit too fast.

If you notice this happening, take a step back and spend some time alone or with others. This will help you discover just how much you’re interested in the other person.

3. Sharing bank accounts

This one should be a no-brainer, but for some reason, people still do this. People still offer to open joint bank accounts with new boyfriends or girlfriends. You should never share financials with someone you’ve only known a few weeks or even sometimes a few months.

It’s important to wait and learn more about your partner’s personality and traits. You could discover they’re not so good with finances.

4. Moving in together

Oh, my my my, don’t we love to move in together when we start dating. Honestly, it’s okay if you’re not against this prospect altogether, but it’s not okay if you’ve just met. Moving in together too soon can be disastrous for your new relationship.

This is because everyone has habits, and you might not tolerate such habits. If you’re already living together, it makes breaking up much harder. If you’re planning cohabitation, your relationship could be evolving way too fast. Take a breather, and take a step back. Please evaluate what you’re about to do.

5. Too much information

Opening up to your significant other is important. However, sharing too much information too soon is not a good thing. Telling too much about yourself at first can scare your interest away. It’s always best to share a little information about yourself at a time.

This lets the other person slowly soak up what you’ve told them in a healthy manner.

6. Obsessive thoughts

If you’re thinking about this person all the time, then your relationship could be moving too fast. Yes, it’s okay to think deep love feelings some of the time, but other things should take up space within your mind as well. Thinking about your love interest constantly alienates others and puts important responsibilities on the back burner.

7. Putting each other on pedestals

One thing you should watch out for is extreme adoration. It’s called putting someone on a pedestal. If your relationship is gaining momentum and moving too fast, you will notice this. Your new love interest will shower you with gifts, romantic gestures, and words.

While it’s perfectly normal to be nice to each and share intimate moments, too many “lovey-dovey” treatments are actually red flags. Too much, in the beginning, will ruin the natural flow of the relationship.

8. Neglecting others

If you’ve begun to neglect friends and family, you could be rushing the relationship. Yes, the honeymoon phase will make you neglect a few people from time to time. Actually, this is a natural instinct. But if you keep doing this, you’re not progressing in the relationship like you should be.

A healthy relationship leaves time for each partner to spend time away from each other and with friends from before the union.

9. Marriage talk

This is one of the biggest signs of relationships that are moving too fast. If you’re talking about marriage a few weeks into the relationship, this cannot be a good thing. This means you are basing your commitment on temporary feelings.

When you start to fight, you will notice a drastic change in how you feel about marriage, then when you aren’t fighting you will want to marry again. It’s fickle behavior.

10. It’s too physical and too intense

Some relationships start with an intensely intimate atmosphere. You rarely talk about hobbies or anything besides intimacy. You engage in constant physical activity but rarely talk about your morals, standards or even things you could have in common.

All of a sudden you’re in a relationship built on sex, just to be blunt. This means you’ve moved way too fast. If you’re doing this, it’s also unhealthy.

If you’re moving too fast, STOP!

If you’re moving too fast STOP

I’m not trying to criticize the way anyone progresses in a relationship, but I know that some ways are healthier than others. Yes, it’s possible to move fast and still stay in a relationship that grows into something incredible. Honestly, though, it’s rare.

Usually rushed relationships end, and two people are left hurt and confused. Is your relationship moving too fast? Contemplate these signs and be honest with yourself.



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