Loving your hair is very important for the reasons you’ve probably never thought of.

We are cutting it, we are dying it, we give it a perm, we are shaving, plucking and even lasering it. All this to get rid of the nasty, unhygienic, ugly hair(s), to make it look pretty and trimmed on our head. But what if we are fooled by a huge deception?

What if our hair is not only beautiful in its natural way but can even enhance our life quality if we let it grow and appreciate it? Sounds odd?

Well, let’s challenge the status quo and understand what hair was actually invented for by nature.

Who doesn’t know it, this beautiful feeling after exiting the hairdressers’ shop?

The hair shines with a new beautiful colour; it smells good and looks just amazing. Or leaving the waxing studio and having this soft and clean feeling underneath the pants of being completely hair-free – at least for a couple of weeks. And then the fight with our hair(s) starts again.

It just never wants to look like the hairdresser styled it, we find it too thin, too heavy, too dark, too grey… And our legs, armpits and bikini zones start itching and look awful when nature is reconquering its righteous territory again, creating a forest of hairs we detest so much and feel so uncomfortable with.

The business with hair is huge. In the US, there were about 86.000 hairdressers and barbershops that had made a total turnover of over 20 billion US Dollars. The UK alone has 40.000 businesses!

20 percent of the global hair care revenue is made alone with hair dye and market forecasts predict an average growth rate of these chemicals of 9.22 Percent until 2019. 75 percent of women are dying their hair regularly.

Haircare products

Don’t forget the manifold products for hair care, such as shampoos, conditioners, hair mousses, lotions and potions, waxes, sprays and so on and so forth. Even without statistics, just going through any supermarket or drugstore, one can get dizzy by all the choice of products available.

According to a Wilkinson study, the UK is the state in the world with the highest portion (90 percent) of women removing their body hairs regularly. In comparison to that, Germany is last with only 43 percent, but also there the business grew immensely. In 1993, only 12 percent of the German ladies removed their hairs.

Women in the US invest about 10.000 Dollars in a lifetime for shaving products, or 23.000 for waxing. In time accumulated, women spend 58.4 days of their life just shaving.

But have we ever thought about the question: “Why on earth should we remove something that is naturally given to us, and why do we not like it?”

Natural hair is socially not acceptable

And there we go. Advertisements, fashion and beauty magazines, and Hollywood have programmed us with the deep belief that body hair is something bad and dirty. They try to convince us that our natural hair colour and style is socially not acceptable.

A woman with hairy legs, armpits or a little beard is stared at with pitiful eyes or is judged to be squalid, so is a man with a hairy back. It is a business with the fear of not being good enough. I remember being on vacation in South Africa and sitting at the breakfast table with a tank top.

And a little girl of maybe four years sitting at the neighboring table asked me, pointing at my armpits:“Why do you have hair under your arms?” That scene showed me that the fashion of removing hair has spread so widely, that even children already believe that it is natural to not have body hair.

As with everything that nature creates, there is a reason for its existence. And yes, it is a challenging thought for our programmed ego, full of fear of not being good enough, to accept that natural hair has a purpose and should be appreciated.

Instead, we are destroying its natural structure with chemical bombs, be it hair dye, perms, shampoo, hair spray, blow-drying, straightening it with a styling iron and so on.

We are also disrupting its natural structure by cutting it. And all of that limits the hairs’ function basically to zero. Function? What? Our hair is dead, so we can do with it, what we want, right?

Hairs are our energetic antennas for intuition and health

Wrong! Our hairs have a very important function for our physical, emotional and mental well-being and intuition. They are our natural energetic antennas, to pick up energetic frequencies around us and sense them well ahead, transporting them to the brainstem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.

Hair is, just like skin, the extension of our nervous system. It is no coincidence that we get goosebumps when we feel emotions such as fear, but also awe or great compassion.

We all had these situations when we said: “It gives me goosebumps when you are telling me about this experience”. Our body extends the antennas, and we pick up the emotions of others via body hair and also emit our own through the same channel. Hair is an important transmitter for telepathic communication on an energetic level.

The yogis, the indigenous people, and shamans always knew about the purpose and function of hair and never cut it or removed it.

Human beings are the only living creatures on earth that can grow long hair on their head. It stops growing by itself, once it has reached a certain length. That length differs from person to person.

Hair picks up the geomagnetic sun energy, which is very nutrient and can replace even physical food and is helping us to take in a lot more of the beautiful cosmic energies.

The Indian Rishis were masters of using their hair for a spiritual lifestyle. They wore it coiled upon their head to let it charge with solar energy and energize the brain cells.

It had the same effect we know today from induction technology:

The spiral serves to intensify the energetic effect and builds it up quickly. Through the intense energy intake, the Rishi knot activates the auric field and stimulates the pineal gland, the center of intuition.

Hair loss

Nowadays, a lot of men especially are suffering from hair loss. This is an occurrence of the Age of Pisces that ended in 2012 when we transitioned into the Age of Aquarius, the age of complete balance of the masculine and feminine energies.

The Age of Pisces was an astrological cycle of 6000 years, where male energies were over-represented and female energies were missing. Healers and metaphysicists speak of the loss of hair as a symptom of not wanting to lose control, collective male fear of the past astrological era.

Thus, the body is losing hair to cut off the connection to intuition and spirituality, to live rationally mind-driven only.

The history of cutting hair

Buddhist monks also were an exception amongst all the enlightened and wise, as they were traditionally shaving their heads. It is said, that they wanted to cut off the connection to come into complete balance on their own first, before letting it regrow to re-establish the channel to spirituality.

According to Yogi Bhajan, fully grown and healthy hair is also responsible for feeling much stronger and equips us with a lot more stamina and better memory, because once the hair has grown to its full length, it produces Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus.

The indigenous Americans also knew about the importance of hair for their intuition and orientation. During the Vietnam War, the best intuitive trackers (who were of Indian origin) were recruited to comb through the jungle and track the enemy.

When the Indians received their obligatory military haircut, they lost their tracking ability completely. It is said that the military haircut, the so-called buzz-cut, was invented and introduced in World War I to make soldiers easy to control, cut off their intuition and lower brain activity.

Haircuts have their tradition in slavery and control. Genghis Khan, for example, knew that the Chinese were very intelligent and would not let them be suppressed or enslaved. That is why he forced all Chinese women to wear bangs to make them easy to control by cutting off their connection to their intuition and collective consciousness.

Time to appreciate and care for every single hair

Cutting hair leads to a loss of nourishment and energy. The body starts to use more energy to regrow the important, missing hair, which we could really use in other areas a lot better.

It takes at least three years until our head hair has completely restored itself to its natural balance and function, after the last cut and coloring. For body hair, it is, although, much shorter in length, even five years.

It is also no surprise why body hair is growing stronger, thicker and denser in some parts of the body. It’s where more energy intake and output are needed and where important nervous intersections are located.

Our head hair is our main tube to take in cosmic energies into the crown chakra, supplying the whole chakra system with energy. The eyebrows are guiding energy towards the third eye to improving intuition.

The chin and mouth hair is accumulating energy for expression and speaking the truth. The armpits are taking in and releasing the energy of the intersection of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and for creativity expressed with our hands.

The pubic hair is not there at all to cover our “shame,” no. It is there to take in and emit the highest frequency possible: the sexual creative energy.

Men grow more hair than women – as masculine energy is the implementation or “doing” energy. That needs to put through more energy than the female creative, “being” energy.

Loving your hair in its natural state

During spiritual awakening, hair growth is even increased, as the body is processing a lot more proteins and wants to make sure that the connection to the life energy, the own intuition, and the higher dimensions is established and energies run through our system even faster.

For everyone still in the ego/fashion model, this is really something to freak out about because we think it looks ugly, so we fight it back even harder. And it grows back even faster.

So, maybe it is time to reprogram us to a different view:

Really loving your hair and appreciating every single hair that grows. Learning to see it as something beautiful and very important for your own well-being and balance, and for the powerful creation of a new, balanced world with the intuitive, female energies rising to an equal level.

Our natural hair will support us to come into that balance. It does not only save us a lot of money and time, but it makes us feel a lot healthier, more awakened and more intuitive. Maybe it is time to stop destroying the most important parts of our energy transmitting and distribution system.

It’s time to start loving your hair with its natural color, form, and growth. Even blow-drying the hair kills its structure, let alone the damaging effect with all the chemicals we are putting on it every day. It is not necessary to use any hair care products at all.

Washing your hair

Showering, and washing your body and the hair only with water is absolutely sufficient. Your head hair will quickly become a lot stronger, denser, will look healthier, and will smell great. There will be a period of about six weeks to survive until the production of scalp sebum comes back into its natural balance.

The same will happen with your skin. No more lotions were necessary to level out the drying effect of shower gel. You will even realize that you do not need any deodorant. Healthy nutrition can highly support that process. After that, you will never want to wash your hair and body with shampoo again.

For your head hair, using wooden combs avoids the disturbing static electricity and stimulates the blood circulation on the scalp. Let it dry naturally, if possible in the sun. Only put it in a knot when fully dry to prevent it from breaking or causing headaches.

And then: Raise your arms in joy about the newly gained freedom of not having to spend all this money and time for hair care and depilation anymore. Start loving your hair. Show your hairy armpits with pride 😉

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