A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; It takes sweat, determination, and hard work to fulfill your dreams‏‏. – Colin Powell

When I was still a child I have my first weird dream. I want to be a windshield cleaner. I have no idea how weird it is back then but I am very fascinated by how the wipers on our car move from left to right and wipe off the dirt and drops of rain.

Then when I got a few years older and started going to grade school where science and space were introduced to me, I forgot to dream of being a windshield cleaner and I started wishing I could be a Martian lawyer who will defend the people of Mars from inhumanity.

That’s how weird my dreams were during my childhood and as I grow up, I live a life full of dreams and they are getting serious like I wanted to be a doctor or a writer and build my own family. But the problem is, it was all my dreams and I never really thought about how I can achieve those dreams.

I was in college when I started facing real challenges in life. I experienced sleepless nights to prepare for our thesis defense and presentations, I experienced going to the university, soaking wet because of the heavy rain. Of course, I can go back home to change but I did not because it is our final exam.

These and all I endure fulfilling my first “serious” dream… to graduate in college.

It was then that I realized that to be what I wanted to be, I have to put a lot of effort to achieve them and it was then that I started striving hard to achieve my dreams. I thought to myself, “one by one, those dreams will be mine”.

I am sharing these not to brag but because I want you to realize that dreams are meant to be fulfilled.

Here are the 3 reasons why you need to fulfill your dreams‏‏.

1. Dreams Are In Your Brain…Unleash Them

One of the best things about having a dream is the fact that you never stopped wanting to have a better life. Dreams are our explorations, our thoughts and our anticipations about our future. We all want to have a better life and so we dream of it.

But those dreams are limited to our brain alone so we need to unleash them. But how?

The primary step in fulfilling your dreams is to plan it out. Generally, in whatever we do we have to set a plan on how to execute things out. Dreams are our goals and how to achieve our goals is our plan.

Planning is simply figuring out what you need to do to achieve your goals. Create a step-by-step plan or laddered process where you can execute things in order. Planning will be your guide on how you can work things out without pushing yourself too much.

Always remember this cliché saying; “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!’”

2. Dreams Are Your Ideals…Make Them A Reality

Ideally, we all want to live in a world that our brain has imagined it to be. But realistically, you can never fulfill your dreams‏‏ if you just sit down there and wait for it to happen. So start transforming your ideas into a reality.

Now that you have come up with a plan, it is time for you to execute your plan. The key in successful execution is your attitude. Your journey towards your dreams will never be easy and you need to have that confidence in yourself that you will be able to reach your goals.

To build your confidence you need to figure out how you can handle stress and pressures that you might encounter in life. You also need to cultivate a positive attitude that will keep you motivated to do your best.

Remember to keep believing in yourself and stay positive. These will be your drive to continue your journey to reach your dreams.

3. Dreams Can Make You A Better Person…So Stay Determined To Achieve Them

Your dreams can make you a better person…only if you never give up reaching them. Successful people like Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, and Oprah Winfrey are the perfect examples that with a heck of a lot of determination and hard work you can fulfill your dreams‏‏. Willpower has put them to where they are now and you are not an exemption.

Sure, you have already started your journey but on your way, you have to anticipate that there will be roadblocks and hurdles. When you encounter trials, do not back down. No one in this world has become successful because they gave up their dreams.

Fight for your dreams. If you are confronted with problems, adversity or even failure, for sure there are solutions, so instead of licking your wounds, get up and find a detour towards the finish line.

Life is nothing without hard work and determination, the journey might be difficult but when you have surpassed challenges and obstacles it can be rewarding and you can be proud to say, “I deserve it because I worked hard for it.

I am not telling you to stop dreaming at all what I am trying to say is that you should stop dreaming for more until you start moving to fulfill it one by one. Dreaming for more will take you nowhere unless you start fulfilling them.

So give your imagination a break and let your brain and body work to fulfill your dreams.

The dreams that you already have for a brighter future.

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