Everyone is suffering when life gets hard, and nothing helps get you through the tough times better than someone you can truly rely on.

Someone that knows how to make you smile through the tears and pick you up when you are down. The difficult thing is finding the right person to lean on.

Sometimes even the best of friends can abandon us when we are going through tough times in life and we need them the most, or prove themselves to be someone who can’t be trusted.

Finding the right people is important, and knowing who to hang onto even more so.

There are a few traits present in people who are reliable when facing hardships in life.

We want to share them with you so that you can surround yourself with truly supportive friends.

1. They build you up

People you can lean on are the ones who are pushing you to keep improving yourself. They’ll keep you motivated and remind you what you are working for to help you be the best version of you.

They’ll motivate you when you need to, but they’ll also keep you grounded so that you don’t burn out. When life gets hard, they’ll remind you of the positives and spur you on.

2. They only want what is best for you

A supportive friend is not always one who agrees with you. If someone or something doesn’t seem right, they won’t be afraid to voice their opinion. This means that they won’t smile and nod if they think you are making the wrong choices.

It may be difficult to hear at the time, and they may not always be nice about it, but it’s all in your own best interest. The bottom line is that they care about you, but they will push you towards the tougher option if it means you will get the best outcome.

3. They support your decisions and cheer you on

Although they may give you their opinion on big decisions, and they probably will, once you have made a decision of your own, reliable friends will back you up 100%. They may play devil’s advocate, but if your mind is made up, they will be right there behind you.

They will support you when it’s hard and they’ll celebrate with you when you achieve your goals. No matter how tough it may be, they’ll cheer you on every step of the way.

4. They don’t get jealous

It can be difficult seeing someone else happy with something that you don’t have, and it is perfectly natural to get a bit jealous. Real friends don’t act on this jealousy when they see you achieve something or have a romantic relationship.

They care about you and will be genuinely happy when you are happy, and when you are not they will do anything to help you solve the situation. This makes them the best people to count on during the difficult times in life because they are not going to have any ulterior motives.

5. They listen

When you are going through a truly tough time, you will know a reliable person because they will let you talk. They won’t constantly interrupt and weigh in with their opinion, they will simply listen to you talk and let out your anxieties.

They may question you on details and how you are feeling, but they won’t try to push their own opinions or objectives onto you.

When times get tough, make sure you surround yourself with people who are truly supportive and will listen before they try to advise and help you, as then they will know the entire story.

6. They lean on you, too

No man is an island, and even the most reliable people will need someone to rely on from time to time. No one is more dependable and supportive than someone who knows how to deal with their own emotions.

They share their worries and anxieties and lean on you in their own times of need.

Those who are constantly there for other people may be disguising their own issues, and this can make it difficult for them to be truly supportive. When looking for someone to turn to in the hard times, choose the person who knows how to deal with emotions.

Surrounding yourself with a strong, stable support network is incredibly important to help pull you out of a dark time and push you towards solutions to make things easier and the future a bit brighter.

Having the right people to turn to can help to calm and focus people so that they can solve problems faster and more successfully, and having the right advice around you can help to accelerate the process.

We hope that this article has helped you to differentiate those who will be more supportive and the best people to turn to when you need someone the most.


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