You will not be able to succeed or achieve anything significant in your life without having the motivation, the fuel that pushes you to get things done.

You will either remain where you are at now, or you will progress through life at a slow pace.

You need the motivation to get out of bed, to go to work, to exercise, to go to a movie. You also need the motivation to help you quit any habits that you do not want, such as quitting smoking or alcohol.

You need a certain level of motivation to do everything in life. Motivation is central for personal and professional success, and in all areas of your life.

For you to be successful in any chosen area, you will need to be motivated to take consistent action. It is your motivation that will drive you to take action to succeed in all that you do.

So how do you acquire motivation? Your primary step is to set yourself a few goals. Decide on what areas you want to improve on and what it is that you want to improve or have.

It is important to note that you must make these goals realistic and achievable, yet not easy to attain; they must require some effort on your part.

For example, in your financial area, for you to set a goal to have an income of £1M in one year where your present income is £25,000 makes the goal unrealistic. It is best to increment your goals realistically until you achieve your goal of £1M.

By setting yourself very high goals you may set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Make sure your goals are achievable, yet they allow you to stretch yourself to get the job done.

Once you have decided on your goals, write them down by hand and read them on a daily basis; or even better, write each goal 10 times every morning upon awakening and last thing before bed. This way you are constantly reminding yourself, consciously and unconsciously, what you are striving for.

For added motivational power, set yourself a deadline for when you want to achieve each goal. Again in your financial area, your goal could be, “I am earning £5,000 or more every month by 31st December 2013.”

This goal is realistic and it excites you, it motivates you, it pushes you to do what it takes to achieve it. An exciting goal is a great and very powerful motivator.

Your next step is for you to be committed to keeping after these goals until they are achieved. Keep your goals in sight, feel what it would be like to have achieved your goals.

Keep pushing yourself. Never give in. Never look back on any failures, or as I call them ‘success gone astray.’ Should you have a setback, learn all that you can from it and move on. This setback has given you the opportunity to know what did not work, and that is a step in the right direction. Now you can try out another strategy or action.

Learn from your mistakes, but do not dwell on them. Regain your motivation by reminding yourself of your goals and how much they mean to you; why you must have the goals.

A powerful way to keep you motivated is to reward yourself every time you take a step up the ladder of success on the way to the top, where your goal awaits you. By rewarding yourself you keep the momentum of your motivation going strong and gaining in strength with every step you take.

Remember, you can be motivated to be successful in all that you do when you set realistic goals, and your purpose in reaching your goals is powerful enough to keep you committed to the end.

By becoming and remaining motivated you will achieve what it is that you are after.

So if you are stuck where you are and you wonder why you have not progressed to achieve a better quality of life, it could be due to your lack of motivation.

Initiate and boost your motivation by knowing what it is that you want, set a few goals with deadlines, and go for it. Keep in mind, motivation is driven by passion and purpose. Find your passion and purpose and commit to it.

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