Did you know that sleeping positions say a lot about the state of a relationship in a couple?

Your subconscious mind decides how you sleep with your partner. Therefore, your body language, a result of your unconscious activity may say more about your relationship than you realize. Gain insight into your relationship from the position in which you sleep with your partner.

What These 11 Couple Sleeping Positions Say About Your Relationship

According to relationship gurus like Patti Wood and Paul Rosenblatt, these positions reveal how well you relate to your partner. A systemic review of the literature on the subject backs this claim.

1. Little Spoon

First of all is the Spoon position, one which is sexual and involves intimate contact. According to Wood, people make themselves vulnerable when they allow their partners to envelope them. This sleeping position highlights that the couple is secure with their sexuality.

2. Big Spoon

The Big Spoon position indicates protection. Those who adopt it are ready to defend their partners’ interests.

3. Spooning a distance apart

Also, the above sleeping positions are common among couples who are experiencing the novelty of bed-sharing. Once it dies off, they revert to sleep styles that are comfortable. Furthermore, spooning a few inches apart doesn’t mean that a couple is experiencing relationship problems. Instead, it indicates that the partner in the Big Spoon position is supportive of his better half’s actions.

4. Cradling

Cradling is another position that indicates vulnerability. If your partner puts your head in his or her arms, it means that he or she is confident. It also says that he or she is reliable.

5. Face to Face

Unfortunately, sleeping face-to-face says that your relationship needs some work. If your partner sleeps facing you, it’s his or her attempt to make eye contact. Such a position also means that your partner feels distant from you.

6. Sleeping on the stomach

One of the couple sleeping positions you may wish to avoid is lying on the stomach. Because it protects the front, it may indicate some anxiety over the relationship. It may also say that a couple is afraid to face difficult issues.

7. Sleeping on opposite sides

This position doesn’t necessarily point to serious issues in a relationship. But it does say that your partner may need physical or emotional space. Note that relations may improve if there isn’t too much effort to snuggle.

8. Sleeping on opposite sides with the butts touching

Of all the couple sleeping positions, this is the least used and most intriguing. It says that your partner needs distance, but not necessarily from you. Butt-touching means a desire to stay connected.

9. Sleeping with the feet or legs touching

Body language experts like Wood and Rosenblatt say that the feet are the most honest part of the body. If your partner sleeps with his or her feet touching yours, it means that he or she wants to stay sexually connected.

10. Sleeping with tangled legs

Of all the sleeping positions, this indicates the most closeness in a couple. It means that the two people cannot get enough of each other.

11. Sleeping different distances from the headboard

Finally, this position means that there are issues over which you may disagree with your partner. Furthermore, the partner who sleeps further away from the headboard may feel subservient in the relationship.

In all, if you want to find out the status of your relationship, video record how you sleep. It will reveal all you need to know.


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