Do you think that it’s important to be a good person?

Like most people, you probably try your utmost to treat others right and be a good person. But you must have learned that doing so comes at a cost. Also, you would have discovered that life is often in, not black or white, but shades of gray.

The task of doing right is far from straightforward and involves a few harsh realities. That said, righteousness is an admirable quality.

What goodness means

Most people struggle to grasp what it means to be a good person. The concept is arbitrary and ambiguous; it means different things to different people.

Some people believe that it entails making small sacrifices when necessary. In a recent survey of Netizens by HuffPost Good News, some thought that it involved little gestures of kindness, while others felt that it was a tad more complicated.

While the study was not conclusive about what it meant to be a good person, what was certain is that there was no correct way to be a righteous person. It also revealed that such a person has affirming qualities.

The Best Qualities in Any Person

Goodness may not be easy to define, but it does mean having these characteristics.

Here are a few that you may want to emulate:

1. Honesty

Righteous people are honest when relating to others. Relationships come with stress; people often stay in negative ones in an attempt to prevent hurt feelings. An upright individual, however, will move them forward when things are going well and end them if they strain all parties.

2. Honest compliments

Positive people always have ready, sincere praise for others. They make time for loved ones and are always polite. Generosity is a must-have trait. Exemplary people look out for others and go the extra mile when doing anything for them.

3. Happiness

Such people have ready smiles on their faces and befriend others readily. They stand by their values and are consistent with their behavior.

The Harsh Realities of Being a Good Person

These are distinct traits that most people try to develop, but their quest is often arduous. The road to being a righteous person is fraught with harsh realities. Walking the straight path means accepting such hard knocks.

1. A Righteous Person Accepts Responsibility

An individual who does right is accountable for his mess-ups. Those who accept liability for their mistakes instead of hiding them will earn respect. People will laud their attempts to put matters right.

2. Such a person values honesty

An honest person understands that being nice is not always everything. He would stand by his principles and be willing to manage conflicts if they come.

3. This person has boundaries.

A righteous person has his boundaries and knows how to respect those of others. He would inform others honestly when they have crossed the line, and avoid doing the same.

4. A righteous person puts others before himself.

An upright person is self-sacrificing; he puts his needs above others. He will help others without ulterior motives or expectations.

How to Be a Good Person

Overcoming these challenges seems like a tall order, but is not impossible. Just how should you do it?

  • First, decide what goodness means to you. Make a list of characteristics you will want to see in yourself and others. Ask if you are expecting anything in return for being upright, as it means forgoing such expectations.
  • Model yourself on others who make positive choices. Think about who you look up to, and keep them close to you.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. Everyone has unique gifts and can contribute to making the world a better place.

In all, developing positive qualities is not difficult but does require sensitivity and effort if you want to be a good person.



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  1. Kerry Kemp

    I may be cynical, but a long life of trying to be good- as in optimistic, friendly, open, wishing to help, etc.. often finds you stepped on or over, ignored to the point of invisibility, manipulated, thought of as “quaint,” only remembered when needed, but loved by clerks you take the time to penetrate behind their “Retail Armor” and really talk to them. (Working with the public is hardening- “They come out at night- mostly.”)😵

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