Empaths have strong positive and negative feelings. That’s why understanding the truth about empaths and relationships is so important.

Being an empath can be a rewarding advantage in life, but it can also be a curse in ways. When it comes to empaths and relationships, these characteristics and feelings can complicate matters.

Not everyone understands empaths and relationships, and even go as far as to ridicule them for the way they feel. There are a few misunderstandings that must be cleared up.

Basic truths of empaths and relationships

Yes, empaths feel from a deep place and these emotions are stronger than what most other people encounter. But that’s perfectly fine. These emotions can help the empath make solid connections where others may not have that ability.

There are a few truths you must remember, however, when it comes to empaths and relationships. Are you an empath? Do you love an empath? Either way, these truths can be enlightening.

1. Empaths cannot change

If you’re in a relationship with an empath, you might notice things that aren’t attractive, and you might wish to change these things. This will be a losing battle and if you continue, the empath will close themselves off from you.

The empath feels things, whether the loss or the pure beauty of life, in a way that no one else can imagine. Trying to change these things will alienate them in your relationship, and you will lose out on the good things the empath has to offer.

A way to help: As an empath, you can help your partner learn about what makes you tick. When you experience deep feelings or emotions that carry you away from reality, you can share these feelings in a truthful way.

Allow your partner to ask questions about being an empath, and share how this all makes you feel. It’s a start.

2. Empaths need random time alone

Another issue that many people don’t like to approach with empaths and relationships is the empath’s sudden need to be alone. At any random moment, the empath will request time to themselves, or simply walk away.

A plethora of misunderstandings can occur when this happens. Maybe you think the empath is rude or doing something dishonest, but this isn’t true. The empath just needs time to recharge.

A way to help: Empaths, are you leaving your loved one hanging by randomly walking away or disappearing for a while? If so, it’s important to explain why you do this. Explaining your needs to those who don’t understand can also help you in the long run.

Your partner will be better equipped to help you receive the time alone that you need. They may even help you set up space as a sanctuary for your meditations.

3. Empaths have preferred sleep habits

I think this truth about empaths and relationships is one of the most aggravating and hard to understand. Some empaths cannot sleep with a partner every night. Some empaths, unfortunately, never feel comfortable sharing their bed. This can cause many problems in a relationship.

The reason why this happens is that the energy field of some empaths cannot blend with the energy field of their mates during sleep.

When this happens, a restful night is impossible. Feelings of rejection can occur when this happens and cause partners to become resentful of each other.

A way to help: The only way to help in this situation is communication. Maybe you can reach a compromise and share sleeping quarters a few nights a week and separate accommodations the remaining days. All the while, make sure there is an understanding of why this must happen.

If you need to, show your partner articles and research which backs up your issues and beliefs as an empath. Most of the problems of this matter between partners can be easily fixed by learning the facts.

4. Relationships with empaths are rarely boring

Empaths are highly creative people and this can be exciting. On the flip side, empaths can have some rather unorthodox ideas for future projects. Some of these ideas may make their partner feel uncomfortable and cause problems.

However, this will not change the way the empath sees their goal. They will be determined to follow through on their ideas.

A way to help: The only way the empath can help their partner understand their ideas is to show them the monumental good that will result.

Almost all the goals of the empath are things which can change life for the better, although sometimes far-fetched. If your partner feels nervous, then give them time to process what you want to do or change.

Try to compromise and communicate, as these are magic tools in any relationship. If partners are supportive of their empath spouse, the empath will open up more and even be agreeable to more compromise.

5. The intuition of the empath is spot on

One of the biggest problems with empaths and relationships is their intuition. To others, the worries and concerns of the empath seem ridiculous at times, but don’t downplay these warning signals. The empath has a much higher ability to sense danger or see things from a great distance.

Although they may be irritating when they suggest an upcoming problem, they are usually right. Although this is a great skill for the empath, it can make their partner feel controlled.

A way to help: Instead of telling your partner not to do something because of your intuition, try to explain the logic of how you feel.

Also, even though your intuition warns you often, try to pick and choose between the dangers. If something isn’t life-threatening, maybe just let your partner learn the hard way.

This decreases your partner’s feelings of being controlled and helps them be more open to your suggestions when things ARE life-threatening.

Problems and solutions of being an Empath

There are problems with empaths and relationships, sometimes serious and sometimes petty. One of the most important things to remember is to always love someone in a way that they do not feel controlled, where they feel loved, and where they do not feel neglected.

Creating this balance is essential for a healthy relationship. For those who love an empath, be patient. Learn what makes this passionate person operate and then you can appreciate their gifts.


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