You may think that something like orange or lemon peels should go to waste, but don’t hurry to throw them away as lemon peels contain ingredients that can benefit your body.

Lemon can be used for a variety of reasons; it protects against disease and positively affects intestines, stomach, liver, immune system and more, making it a superfood.

Containing vitamin C, A, B1, B6, magnesium, bioflavonoids, pectin, folic acid, phosphorus, calcium and potassium, the health benefits are endless.

Eating the sharp superfood on a regular basis can prevent a wide range of diseases and problematic health conditions, including flu, laryngitis, bacterial infections, and high blood pressure.

New studies also claim it can contribute to the fight against cancer.

One of the many health benefits of lemon is that it can heal joints when they are causing you pain.

We’ve put together a recipe that will help you relieve pains in the joints within your arms and legs – just place the easy, home-made treatment onto painful areas in the evening and you’ll be pain-free in no time!

  • Grate the rind of two lemons and place them in a mason jar.
  • Fill the mason jar with olive oil and let the lemon sink into the oil.
  • Seal the jar and allow it to stand for 2 weeks.
  • After the 2 week period is over, pour a small amount of the mixture onto clean gauze and place gauze over the area where a joint is causing you pain.
  • Place a plastic bag over the gauze, and a wool scarf on top of the bag to keep in the heat.



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