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How to Clean Your House Fast: an Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide

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Cleaning is never easy and it takes a lot of effort. You may be wondering, how to clean your house fast? Here is an illustrated step-by-step guide. Cleaning requires an enormous amount of time which you always run short off in your busy schedules. You work long hours and simply can’t get around to household tasks that seem to keep piling up. Learn how to clean your house fast now! The Tools You Need (the artillery) 1. Music: Music keeps you in mood and in


Meet the Russian Hobbit: This Man Left a Life in the City to Build an Underground House in the Woods

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There are some significant advantages you will have if you decide to build your own underground house. We often hear of people around the world choosing to live off the grid, which means living in a house that is not connected to basic services, especially electricity. These homes are often found in beautiful surroundings and are constructed using entirely natural resources. But one Russian man has taken this one step further and has built his underground house. The Russian, Yury, was once a successful lawyer


It Cost Just $250 to Build This Awesome Eco-Friendly Cob House!

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Have you ever thought of building a cheap eco-friendly house? If your answer is yes, I have the perfect house for you. Have you heard of a Cob House? If not, I will tell you a guy whose footstep you should follow! Well, a cob house is a small manageable and cheap house that is made of basic materials such as mud, clay, and straws. This is the kind of house that when built properly can be fireproof, resistant to seismic activity and the best


5 Ways to Get Free and Cheap Accommodation All Over the World

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When you travel one of the biggest expenses on your trip is without a doubt accommodation. Every night, you have to find somewhere new to stay, and a night in a hotel is expensive most of the times. Free and cheap accommodation is something you can't easily find, wherever you are in the world. Flights might be the most expensive part of your trip, but they are rare one-offs and on the food can be expensive, but it is possible to spend less and eat


Tiny House Dweller Shares Her Inspiring Story and the Secrets to Tiny-House Living

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These days when you ask someone how they are feeling a likely response is “stressed out”. In a world where personal debt is high, jobs have been difficult to come by and chronic illness on the rise we find that stress levels are at an all-time high. How do we escape? You may have noticed the “Tiny House Movement” has experienced a huge upswing. Magazines, such as Dwell, are highlighting tiny house owners with their efficient homes and HGTV has started showing Tiny House Hunters.


This Man Transformed Old Boeing-727 into an Awesome House in the Woods!

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In the late 90's, electrical engineer Bruce Campbell spent approximately $100,000 for an aircraft. The Boeing 727 was used, scrapped of valuable parts, and destined to become a project spanning decades and costing more than $200K. In Campbell's opinion, the retired jetliner would be an ideal home, much better than the conventional “stick homes” that most of us live in. The aircraft is less fragile, Bruce claims in his blog, more secure, and much easier to maintain and keep clean. Dust and insects are


This Family Turned Their House Truck into Something Really Amazing!

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There is nothing cooler than experience creative engineering designs. When folded, it resembles a regular house truck barring the two turrets on the back. Once parked, this house truck looks completely transformed as it folds into a dream castle! You must give credit to the owners Justin, Jola, and their son Piko who worked round the clock to come up with such a masterpiece in their quest to come up with such an aesthetically beautiful outdoor home. If you are wondering why such a truck


Top 10 American Suburbs to Live in

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Starting a family life is a big event for those who decide to do so. It makes sense then, that young people looking to settle down and live the American Dream would want only the best for themselves and their families. Taking this into consideration, a list of the top 10 American suburbs to live in has been compiled. The list factors in the population, distance from the nearest urban area, poverty and crime rates, commuting time, school ratings, and of course, housing affordability. As