Have you ever thought of building a cheap eco-friendly house? If your answer is yes, I have the perfect house for you.

Have you heard of a Cob House? If not, I will tell you a guy whose footstep you should follow!

Well, a cob house is a small manageable and cheap house that is made of basic materials such as mud, clay, and straws. This is the kind of house that when built properly can be fireproof, resistant to seismic activity and the best of all extremely cheap!

The man you should benchmark is a British farmer named who did such a house for just $250! To get a little understanding of this kind of a house, let me tell you of Mr. Buck’s house.

He collected his building materials from neighbors and fields. For example, the floorboards were from his neighbor’s boat while the straws for thatching the roof were picked adjacent fields. He also used glasses from a scrapped truck to craft perfect windows for the house.

1-Eco-Friendly Cob House

In terms of the environment, there is water from a creek nearby that affords him the ability to cater for bathing and other purposes.

There may be no electricity and running water in this house, but one can easily find a solution for this by simply scaling the budget to get these resources included.

2-Eco-Friendly Cob House

A wood stove is the most appropriate method of cookingin such a house for the natural look and for heating up the insulated space to keep him warm-remember, there is also no electricity for that. He also has a stock of wood as fuel to keep him going.

The only downside is that if you are used to using indoor toilets, you may be disappointed by a composting toilet that has been built separately from the house.

Of course, the reason for this is the lack of running water. But if you can get to pump water into the house, then you could get yourself more comfortable. In other words, it is not perfect, but I bet you would love the creativity behind this house!

3-Eco-Friendly Cob House

This house is not to be built in the city, so if you are interested in owning one, you can put it up somewhere on a farm. If you are looking to make a few dollars every month, you can also build one and rent it out to farmers or as a holiday home for people looking to spend some good time outside the city.

For example, Mr. Buck has rented out his house to a woman who owns a dairy farm nearby.

Watch the video below to learn more about the cob house:

Who said you need thousands or millions of cash to create something cool!


Image Credits:Michael Buck

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