There is nothing cooler than experience creative engineering designs.

When folded, it resembles a regular house truck barring the two turrets on the back. Once parked, this house truck looks completely transformed as it folds into a dream castle!

You must give credit to the owners Justin, Jola, and their son Piko who worked round the clock to come up with such a masterpiece in their quest to come up with such an aesthetically beautiful outdoor home. If you are wondering why such a truck house would draw eyebrows, then its time to sit back and take notes!

01-The Most Creative House Truck

Water and Energy Source

First, the house truck is powered by renewable energy in the form of solar energy that provides not only electric power but also heating power. Its roof is designed to utilize rain as a source of water and the piping system channeled to store the water in a tank fitted under the truck.

Interior Design

Talk of creative art and craft and this is a good example of artistry. The living room and working areas of the house are designed to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. The family loves cooking, meaning that they have allowed a lot of beautiful space for the kitchen. The amazing part of the truck is the amount of space present for storage.

There are numerous wardrobes and cabinets that allow members of the family to store whatever they desire. For a family that loves comfort, a sleeping loft would surely not miss in the house. Jola made its marvelous wallpaper design out of music and song lyrics extracted from old songbooks.

Rooftop Balcony and Bathtub!

You can’t imagine this, but the truck has a rooftop balcony that affords its users a view of the neighboring sceneries. The rooftop also has a solar food dehydrator built on it. Did I mention that the rooftop has a bathtub as well!

Toilet and Bathroom

Towards the back of the track, there is a bathroom turret – both a composting turret and shower turret complete with a washing machine. Again, this emphasizes the idea behind the whole design concept given that there is a clear separation between the bathroom and the other spaces.

There is a very clear lesson to take from this eco-friendly project:never underestimate the space you have. Justin, Jola, and Piko have shown just how to be very creative with spaces. This is a pure definition of creativity and a way of life!

Image Credits © Living Big in a Tiny House

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