There are some significant advantages you will have if you decide to build your own underground house.

We often hear of people around the world choosing to live off the grid, which means living in a house that is not connected to basic services, especially electricity.

These homes are often found in beautiful surroundings and are constructed using entirely natural resources. But one Russian man has taken this one step further and has built his underground house.

The Russian, Yury, was once a successful lawyer but having become disillusioned with his work and life, he decided to pack it all in and build a home underground. His home is made of a variety of materials, which include clay, straw, and wood which have allowed him to build a comfortable underground house.

His house is located around sixty miles out of Moscow.

Yury has fitted solar panels to the top of his house to enable him to have electricity, which he has enough to ensure his house has a light and to run his computer.

I know what you are thinking, what happens in the winter months of Russia? Yury cannot use his solar panels, so he runs a generator and he has a wood-burning stove to keep his house warm. During the winter months Yury uses his computer to expand his already extensive library, he is a member of the Worldwide Bookcrossing Library, a network of people who trade books from around the world.

So would you build an underground house? There are a number of significant advantages to building one.

1. Conservative Energy

This is one of the main advantages for people who go on to build an underground home. When a house is earth sheltered, it is better protected from outdoor air temperatures so you won’t feel the effects of adverse weather conditions as you would in a normal above the ground house.

Due to the earth’s subsurface temperature, living underground means that your home in the summer with have cooler temperatures and in the winter your home will enjoy warmer temperatures. This enables you to create an entirely sustainable house with the addition of solar panels and other clean energy solutions.

2. Protection

Having a home underground protects you from a number of disasters, natural such as high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes but also man-man ones as well. These can include explosions, nuclear accidents, and break-ins.

Some believe that having an underground house is the only way to have total privacy. Depending on the design, may also like to turn the roof of their home into a vegetable garden.

You don’t tend to hear a lot about underground homes, particularly successful ones because they mostly tend to fail due to condensation. Scientists believe this is due to poor insulation, as the earth’s temperature is around 55 degrees.

So if you have the time, the land, basic supplies, time, motivation, dreams and permits, an underground house is within your reach. There are a lot of websites that can help you if you are thinking of designing and building your own underground house.

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