It Cost Just $250 to Build This Cute Eco-Friendly Cob House!

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Have you ever thought of building a cheap eco-friendly house? If your answer is yes, I have the perfect house for you. Have you heard of a Cob House? If not, I will tell you a guy whose footstep you should follow! Well, a cob house is a small manageable and cheap house that is made of basic materials such as mud, clay, and straws. This is the kind of house that when built properly can be fireproof, resistant to seismic activity and the best

This Degradable Algae Water Bottle Breaks Down As Soon As It’s Empty

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Algae Water Bottle. An Innovative Degradable Drinks Bottle Pollution is a steadily rising issue in today’s world with Mexico City. Mexico, recently having to act upon serious levels of pollution and even environmentally conscious Portland, America has been struck by findings of poisonous heavy metals in the air and ground. More worryingly, studies are linking environmental pollution to diseases and even death. The World Health Organization estimates 8.9 million deaths per year due to pollution. Not only does pollution affect our health, but it also

Conventional Cars Can Now Be Converted into Hybrid Vehicles Thanks to a Revolutionary Device

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While air pollution has become one of the biggest and most difficult problems that humans have to deal with, scientists have been trying to find ways of reducing it. It is a common belief that hybrid vehicles could contribute greatly to the reduction of air pollution and the protection of the environment. During the last decade, increasing effort has been made all over the world in order to reduce the impact on fuel consumption and greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from passengers cars. In spite of

Where Fantasy Becomes Reality: These Cozy Hobbit Homes Can Be Built in Just 3 Days!

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If J. R. R. Tolkien’s books spark an interest for you, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with hobbit homes. These quaint little hovels dug into the earth are not only charming but rustic and filled with magical wonder. Whether you like them or not, they are definitely something to talk about. If this sort of home appeals to you, then guess what! There may be a way to get your own “hobbit home”! Green Magic Homes Green magic homes are just like new-age hobbit homes. It’s

Residents of This Small Canadian Island Live Completely Off the Grid!

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I’m sure many of you dream of moving from the noisy, polluted and densely populated city to a quieter place. What if you could also drop off the grid and use exclusively renewable energy? 400 residents of the small Canadian island named Lasqueti live this dream. The island located only about 50 miles (150 km) away from Vancouver has nearly the same size as Manhattan and can be reached by ferry that comes 2-3 times a day depending on the weather conditions. The inhabitants

With These Pop-up Modular Pods You Can Live Anywhere in the World Off-Grid

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Pod Space is the award-winning company that specializes in prefab (shortened slang term for “prefabricated”) buildings, and it has just solved your needed extra space issue. The company specializes in manufacturing small prefabricated modular spaces, or “pods”, as it calls them, which can be installed in the garden or backyard, or even the side of the house, in order to provide an extra room, either for guests, or office space, or simply your own personal “escape space”, for relaxing and taking a break from

This Family Turned Their House Truck into Something Really Amazing!

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There is nothing cooler than experience creative engineering designs. When folded, it resembles a regular house truck barring the two turrets on the back. Once parked, this house truck looks completely transformed as it folds into a dream castle! You must give credit to the owners Justin, Jola, and their son Piko who worked round the clock to come up with such a masterpiece in their quest to come up with such an aesthetically beautiful outdoor home. If you are wondering why such a truck