If J. R. R. Tolkien’s books spark an interest in you, there is no doubt you are familiar with hobbit homes.

These quaint little hovels dug into the earth are not only charming but rustic and filled with magical wonder. Whether you like them or not, they are something to talk about. If this sort of home appeals to you, then guess what! There may be a way to get your own “hobbit home”!

Green Magic Homes

Green magic homes are just like new-age hobbit homes. It’s true, these cozy holes are constructed to look just like the ones described in popular science fiction books and depicted in the “Rings” movies. They don’t just look cool, either.

The doorways of these abodes open into an underground set of rooms, which can be filled with anything you wish or designed beforehand. You will think you’ve awakened in another world!

Hobit Homes - greenhomes4

Hobit Homes - greenhomes3






So, how does this work? How did they manage to recreate such a magical place?

First of all, these homes are lightweight, being made from prefabricated fiber-enforced polymer. They are also waterproof and mold-resistant. Believe it or not, with minimal maintenance, these structures can last for hundreds of years.

This is because the homes are underground, supported by mounds of earth. You might have thought the earth that covered the home would be like dead weight, but it’s not. The earth helps to strengthen the structure by playing an important role in offering avenues for electrical conduits and water pipe construction.

With that being said, they are also impervious to hurricanes, earthquakes, and even tornados! Wow, what a home!

Want one?

So, if you’re interested in having your own “hobbit home”, it’s possible. The next question might revolve around the expense of such homes, or how long it would take to build one of these little underground nooks. I can’t say much about the expense factor, but these homes can be built in a short period – try three days until complete construction!

It would be a simple life. Waking from a cozy bed and climbing out of your earthen home. Now that you know the basics, would you like to live like a hobbit? Sounds kind of soothing, doesn’t it?


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