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10 Non-Obvious Insomnia Causes That May Be Responsible For Your Sleep Problems

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There are many common insomnia causes that can affect your sleeping routine. This article will shed some light on this matter. There are several insomnia causes that affect millions of people around the world. “Insomnia also may result from a variety of medical conditions, pain, and even the treatments for these disorders. And poor sleep hygiene can make these medical conditions worse”, said Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. Since the body really needs to rest from six to ten hours at night (depending on the age),


What Causes White Spots on Nails? 5 Possible Explanations

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A manicure requires painstaking effort, but white spots on nails may spoil it. What are white spots on nails? What causes these unsightly white marks to appear? Most importantly, how do you remove them? We have the answers. What are white spots on nails? Types If you notice white or 'milk' spots on your nails, you may have a condition known as Leukonychia. It stems from the Greek words 'leuko'(white) and 'nychia'(nails). There are a few variants of this condition. Experts subdivide them into True


You Have Sensitive Skin If You Can Relate to These Signs (and How to Care for It)

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The term sensitive skin is something which is often thrown about without understanding the full meaning and consequences behind it. The term ‘sensitive skin’ will refer to the increased reactivity of the skin to products or conditions that to most other people do not cause a reaction. For example, someone who overuses a product, or over exfoliates can cause their skin to redden and this may lead them to think they have sensitive skin. The winter months will often irritate our skin more and so


5 Things That Happen When You Stop to Wear Makeup on a Daily Basis

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Have you ever tried to stop to wear makeup for a couple of days? A lot of the time, make up is applied not because the wearer actually wants to spend 20 to 45 minutes applying their makeup every day, and then topping it up throughout the day. They wear makeup daily because of social pressure. Having worked in the advertising industry, it was made apparent that how you looked and what you wore was just as important as your CV. Makeup is seen as


4 Benefits of Being a Cat Owner – Proven by Science!

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Are you the kind of person who enjoys watching cat videos on Youtube? Well, actually those who do experience positive mood shifts and a boost of energy, a new study has found. The argument over being a cat or a dog person has been around as long as the animals themselves. But did you know that there are actually scientifically proven benefits to being a cat owner? 1. Cats are better for the environment than dogs The food we feed our animals can actually have


Food Allergies: Your Grandparents Never Had Them, Then Why Do You?

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It’s a shocking fact that nowadays, much more people have food allergies than 50 years ago. It’s also interesting that your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents didn’t have food allergies, but you do. If you don’t know why this is happening, it might be the prime time you look at your habits and the habits of the people around you. Food allergies don’t simply appear out of nowhere, and if no one in your family has them, the chances are that you won’t have them as


6 Effective Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

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Anyone who suffers from allergies knows the immense effect allergies can have on a person's overall health. Symptoms can range from minor things, such as sneezing fits and a stuffy nose, to more serious conditions, such as severe breathing difficulty or asthma. Reduce allergens in your home by following these six tips. 1. Change Your Air Filters One thing you can do yourself is keep an eye on your HVAC system's air filters. Keep extra filters handy, and replace them according to the timetable laid


Get to Know the Potent Healing Properties of Honey

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Honey is healthy, most people know that. We know that it’s an effective way to boost energy, strengthen immunity, and fight bacterial infections. But the healing properties of honey extend way beyond that. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised at this long list of ailments and health issues that honey can help prevent and treat. It’s about time that people learn about the healing properties of honey. Eye Problems Despite what you might think, honey’s efficacy as a treatment for eye diseases is not a