Are you the kind of person who enjoys watching cat videos on Youtube?

Well, actually those who do experience positive mood shifts and a boost of energy, a new study has found.

The argument over being a cat or a dog person has been around as long as the animals themselves.

But did you know that there are actually scientifically proven benefits to being a cat owner?

1. Cats are better for the environment than dogs

The food we feed our animals can actually have a big impact on our carbon footprint. The food used to feed dogs has been compared to the footprint of a Land Cruiser, whereas cat food can be comparable to a small hatchback.

Due to the processing and the quantities of the food produced, this can make a big difference to our environment.

2. Cats make your heart healthier

Owning an animal, in general, can be good for your heart, but with cats not needing much effort they can lower the amount of stress and anxiety in your life.

Petting a cat has been found to be very relaxing and a study found that cat owners were 30 percent less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than non-cat owners, which admittedly could be down to the lowered stress and anxiety levels.

3. Cats can improve your sleep

People (mostly women) have been found to sleep better when in bed with a cat rather than a human, several studies in the UK have found. 41% of people said they slept better because of their pet, with only 20% saying they experienced disturbances.

So cuddle up with that purring ball of fur and get a good night’s sleep!

4. Cats can eliminate allergies

Unfortunately, this only works for babies under the age of 12 months but being around cats can help eliminate allergies.

It doesn’t only lower the chances of being allergic to pets, but also other things such as dust mites, ragweed, and grass, a study carried out by the National Institutes of Health has published.

If you are unsure about whether to get one – let this article be the inspiration you need to take care of your very own feline friend. Or if you already have a cat, you’re one of the lucky ones reaping all of the benefits!

Let us know your thoughts on cats and the benefits of being a cat owner in the comments!

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