Sleep Apnea: Symptoms, Causes, and Natural Remedies

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Folks suffering from sleep apnea, which is a disorder that interrupts your rest with short and shallow breaths, know all too well the results of not getting the full eight hours they need. Sleep is as important to our health and well-being as eating and breathing. Just as we suffer when we don’t consume healthy foods or when we find ourselves short of breath, not getting a good night’s sleep is detrimental to our over health. While we sleep, we reboot our system. Our cardiovascular

Meridian Acupuncture: 12 Powerful Points You Should Know

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Saying Meridian acupuncture would have gotten you puzzled looks years ago. People would have balked at the idea of someone inserting needles into their skin. But people have come to understand that meridians affect all parts of the body. Of course, they affect our well-being. Meridian acupuncture has become an acceptable, natural health treatment. Of course, you should always consult a doctor before putting yourself through it. So, what is this method and how can it change your life? What Is Meridian Acupuncture? It is a

6 Natural Painkillers You Can Try at Home

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There are some natural painkillers you can easily use at home. Let’s find out what nature has to offer for pain relief. It is safe to say that even now we still don’t know the effect certain drugs have on the body and mind. There is a huge debate in Australia about vaccinating young children and many parents are choosing not to because they are concerned about the effects they have on their children. Natural medicine has been around a lot longer than conventional medicines

7 Tools Everyone Dealing with Anxiety Will Find Useful

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Most often, when dealing with anxiety, you will hear answers such as chill out, let go of it, or it could be worse. However, these phrases rarely have an effect on how you manage the anxiety. All these messages from people who have goodwill for you can be quite confusing. To handle your anxiety, you will need a reliable set of tools that you can refer to. Here is a great set of tools to get you started. 1. Breathing Breathing is of the most effective

Top 4 Non-Medicinal Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain That Actually Work

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Have you been suffering from chronic pain for a long time, desperately trying to find ways to deal with it? If yes, you must be thinking that there are only 2 ways out, either take pain killers or fight it out. Medical professionals are nowadays recommending natural pain relief alternatives like yoga, acupuncture, and hypnosis through which patients may feel better. In fact, studies done in the US show that pain is one of the most common reasons behind Americans turning to alternative and complementary

Does Sleeping with Sliced Onions in Socks Really Remove Toxins?

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Did you know that on the bottom of your feet, you have access points to organs in your body? Some people believe that placing sliced onions in their socks can absorb toxins through these points. In Chinese medicine, there are access points known as meridians, and they are closely linked to the body’s nervous system, and many other functions and organs. When problems arise in many areas of the body, often people turn to acupuncture. There's a lot of things I don't know about acupuncture, except

5 Natural Methods to Help you Quit Smoking

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Like every other drug, smoking is addictive. And is extremely hard to give up. You know it's bad for you, there's enough press about that, but it doesn't mean you can give up “just like that”. There are a number of methods out there to help you quit, you may have tried patches, e-cigarettes, or even gum to stop, but a lot of these methods rely on you spending a lot of money and possibly leave you with another addiction as a result, or no