The more sugar you eat, the more you want.

It can take weeks to recover from refined sugar addiction, but it is vital that you stop yours today. Sugar is part of a vicious cycle. Especially since recent studies have shown that eating an excessive amount of refined sugar can speed up your body’s aging process.

And who wants that? We have the answer to quitting and getting healthy, why not make it a New Year’s resolution?

Read below for tips and tricks from a nutritionist about how to curb your sugar addiction today:

1. Make good Decisions

If you want to “enjoy” the festive season, and other events that revolve around sugary treats, then make sure you choose your seasonal treat wisely.

Tamara Melton of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests if you have to have something sweet (or processed) then opt for a seasonal treat, like ice cream in the summer or a mince pie in the winter, something you wouldn’t normally have throughout the rest of the year.

2. Think Positively

If you believe you can resist sugar then you will. Words are powerful and are the key to stopping you from giving in. Kathie Dolgin, the author of Sugar Savvy Solution: Kick Your Sugar Addiction for Life and Get Healthy says if you think resisting sugar is going to be hard, then it will be hard.

Negative thinking is not helpful and can stop progress. Say you can, and the chances are you will quit.

3. Never Make Decisions When You’re Hungry

We all know that when you are hungry you make bad decisions. Like eating a whole plate of candy for dinner instead of a balanced meal because you ran out of time.

Make sure you eat a healthy meal every three to four hours so that you are never left in this situation. Nutritionist Simone Gloger recommends three protein-rich meals a day and two protein-rich snacks to help keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

4. It May not be Sugar

Did you know that your cravings for sugar may actually be for something else? Often people mistake feeling thirsty for feeling hungry. The need for a snack may actually be dehydration.

Always drink lots of water first before giving into a sweet treat, just make sure it isn’t juice or soda, as these will only increase the cravings. And if that doesn’t work then choose a small piece of dark chocolate or a small yogurt and see how you feel afterward.

5. Forgive Yourself

We are all human, and sometimes it’s difficult to resist, but don’t dwell on your mistakes. Just forgive yourself and start again. Being positive and happy about your situation boosts your endorphins and gives you the same rush that sugar gives you!

Think of it this way, being happy and believing in yourself is a bit like eating sugar, just without the health implications.

Now’s your chance to quit, but make sure you are doing it for yourself and your health. Quite happy and in your own time!



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